ESC50 Quality Label

The Quality Label is a process that certifies that an organisation is able to carry out high quality solidarity activities in compliance with the principles, objectives and requirements of the European Solidarity Corps. 

This action supports volunteering, traineeships and jobs activities.

Applicable Fields

  • Quality Label (ESC50-QLA)

The ESC50 Application form 

For general information on how to fill in an application form see the page How to complete the application form.

The following sections are available in an ESC50, call year 2023 application form and must be completed before submission:

  • Context in applications - This section asks for general information about your project proposal and about the National Agency that will receive, assess and decide on selection of your proposal as well as the type of Quality Label you apply for.
  • About your Organisation - This section asks for information about the applicant organisation. You will also have to specify contact persons in your organisation as well as Hosting locations and contact persons if applicable.
  • Quality and support measures - The purpose of this section is to assess your organisation’s capacity to meet the programme standards in terms of practical arrangements and support offered to volunteers before, during and/or after the activities.
    The section is only applicable if you apply for Host and/or Supporting role.
  • Activities - This section asks for information about the volunteering activities you plan to carry out for the duration of your Quality Label. The section is only applicable if you apply for the Host role.
  • Activity Plan - In this section, you are asked to explain your goals, plans, expected benefits and the link with the objectives of the programme. The section is only applicable if you apply for the Lead Organisation role.
  • Management and coordination - This section asks you to describe how you will develop partnerships with other organisations. The section is only applicable if you apply for the Lead Organisation role.
  • Annexes in applications - In this section, you will need to attach relevant documents needed for the completion of your application.
  • Checklist - This section will help you double-check if your application is ready for submission.

Once all sections of your application form are marked as complete, you may submit it to your National Agency for assessment.

The following sections are used to manage your application: 

  • Sharing - In this section, you have the possibility to share an application with your colleagues or partners as long as the deadline for submission has not expired.
  • Submission History - In this section, you will be able to see all submissions of this application form.

Take note

The sections Quality and support measures and Management and coordination  only contain text fields and/or simple drop-down lists.

For these sections, read the onscreen instructions and provide all required information in the available fields. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk. Once completed, each section will be marked with a green check in the Content menu. 
No specific pages are available in the wiki for these sections. 

Sections in ESC50 Application form

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