This section applies to host organisations only.
In this section you are asked to describe the volunteering activities that you are planning to carry out for the duration of your Quality Label.
An activity is a set of tasks defined by takeing place at the same location, in the same time frame and with the same scope.
An activity should be described by listing the set of tasks that the volunteer(s) would carry out over the duration of a volunteering project (i.e. organising events, writing content for website, gardening, spending time with elderly people etc).

The activity types you apply for in the Quality Label application will impact the ones you can carry out under ESC51 - Volunteering Projects.

Two types of activities are available for selection in ESC50:

  • Individual Volunteering
  • Volunteering Teams

This page is relevant for:

    • European Solidarity Corps 

      • ESC50-QLA Quality Label 2024


Before you start

  • Context section with valid Organisation ID and About your Organisation section must have been completed
  • You have applied for the Hosting Role in the Context section


1. Open "Activities"

Take note

This section is only applicable if you have applied for the host role in the Context section.
If you do not apply for the Host role, you will receive a message that no further action is possible and the section is marked as completed. 

Click on Activities in the content menu. The Activities screen opens.

Open Activities

2. Add activities

Activities are displayed as cards, which can be expanded and collapsed individually, using the dedicated down/up arrows in the upper right corner of each card or the Edit (pencil) icon (1).

The card for the first mandatory activity is already available when you open the Activities section. If necessary, additional cards can be added by clicking on the Add activity button (2) at the bottom of the activity list.

Add activities


3. Provide the activity details

In each activity card, provide the following details:

  • Activity name - type the desired name in the available field
  • Activity type - select it from the drop-down list
  • Location of activity - select the location of the activity from the drop-down list, if you have defined more than one location in the About your Organisation section of the form. You can select more than one location for an activity from the list, by clicking on its name.
    • Selected locations are displayed in blue above the drop-down field. Delete a previously selected location by clicking on the red X next to the location name.
  • Fill in the remaining fields with a description of activity and context, activity needs, tasks and outcome of the activity

Once all required information has been added for an activity, the activity card header is updated with the Activity name, type and location and preceded by a green vertical line, indicating that this card is complete.

Provide activity details

4. Edit activity details

If the details for an activity are not visible, you can open the card by clicking the Edit (green pen) icon in the header.
Make the desired changes, the information is saved automatically.

Edit activity details


5. Delete an activity

To delete an activity from the list, click on the Delete (red X) icon to the right of the activity and confirm the deletion by clicking Yes in the pop-up window.

Delete an activity

6. Example of a completed "Activities" section

Once you have correctly completed all sections and subsections, the section is marked with a green check.

Activities section is complete