National Agency users have the possibility to request access as an authorised user to the organisation details of your organisation in the Organisation Registration system.

If the National Agency user requests such access, an email notification is sent to all the authorised users already registered for the organisation. The authorised user has then the option to accept or reject the access request by the NA.

This page explains how to action the NA access requests in the Organisation Registration system. 

The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 



  • NA Access request notification email received
  • Only exiting Authorised users for the organisation can accept or reject the request


1. Open the Organisation details from "My Organisations"

Sign in to Single Entry Point and select My Organisations from the main menu. Open the organisation details for the organisation for which an NA Access Request notification was received. 

The organisation details open in Edit mode.

Only users registered as authorised users for the organisation in Organisation Registration system can approve or reject such requests.

Open the Organisation details


2. Access the "Users" tab and view the "Pending Users"

Access the Users tab. All existing authorised users are displayed in the list of Authorised Users. Pending NA user access request are displayed below the existing users, in section Pending Users

You may have to use the scrollbars in your browser to access all information on screen. 

In our example, one pending user request is displayed. 

Access the Users tab to access list of Pending Users, containing NA access requests


3. Accept or reject the NA Access request

For the pending users, Name, Email, User role incl. NA code and Requested date/time are displayed in the list. 

To approve the access request by the NA user, click on the green accept button.

To reject the access request by the NA user, click on the red reject button.

Accept or reject request using the available buttons


4. Confirm the selected action

Confirm the selected action in the confirmation pop-up window. 

If you chose to accept the access request by the NA, confirm the request by clicking OK in the confirmation pop-up. 

Confirmation message for accepted request

The NA user is added to the list of Authorised Users. The Approved by column is updated with the name of the authorised user that accepted the request. 

If there are no other pending user requests, the Pending Users list is no longer displayed on screen. 

NA user added to list of Authorised Users

If you selected to reject the request, confirm the rejection in the pop-up window by clicking on OK. If there are no other pending user requests, the list will no longer display. The NA user will not be added to the list of authorised users. 

Confirmation message for rejected request

5. "Update" the organisation details to save and submit the changes

To save the changes, click on the Update button. A success message displays. 

Click on Update to save the changes


6. Organisation details updated

The list of Authorised Users is updated. The column Creation date/time is updated for the NA user. The NA user has now access to the Organisation details in the Organisation Registration system as Authorised user. 

The User role for the authorised NA user will however display as NA User incl. NA Code and can therefore easily be recognised. 

NA user added as Authorised User for the organisation

Expected Outcome

  • Access to the organisation details for the NA user as Authorised User approved or rejected
  • If the access request was approved:
    • Email notification is sent to added NA user, informing them about the granted access
    • Email notification to all already existing authorised users is sent, informing them about the newly added authorised user