This page explains how to update organisation contacts and authorised users and delete authorised users in the Organisation Registration system.

In order to perform such actions you must be an authorised user for the organisation and sign in to Organisation Registration system with you EU Login account associated to the organisation.

For information on how to add the contact person and authorised users, see the page How to add the Organisation Contact and Authorised Users in the Organisation Registration system.

Take note

The illustrations in this wiki page are for consultation purpose only and do not always reflect the latest implementation.

There may be minor changes to the screen appearance and layout which are described on the updated page Basic functionalities of the Organisation Registration system


1. Access My Organisations and "Edit" the selected organisation

In the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform go to Organisations in the main menu, then click on My Organisations.

Alternatively if you are in Search for an Organisation, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ORGANISATIONS - My Organisations.


The My organisations section is only visible once you are authenticated (signed in to EU Login).

Open My Organisations

1.1. View organisations

If you scroll down you can find all organisations either registered by you or for which you are an authorised person to represent the organisation in relation to Erasmus+ and/or European Solidarity Corps programmes.

View my organisations

1.2. Access organisation details

Click on the blue Organisation name to access the details for the selected organisation in the Organisation Registration system.

The Organisation Registration system opens with the details of the selected organisation. From here, you may view or update the organisation information. 

Access the organisation details

For details on how to update your organisation information please see the page Modify Organisation in the Organisation Registration system.


2. Edit the Contact Person

2.1. Access the "Organisation Contact Person" section

Click on Organisation Contact Person in the Content menu.

There are two ways to update the Organisation Contact Person in Organisation Registration system:

  1. You can update the contact person at any time during or after registration, simply by replacing the existing information.
  2. After registration you can quickly replace the organisation contact person's details with those of an existing authorised user, via the Select button.

Both options are explained below.

2.2. Option 1: Update details for the Organisation Contact Person

Update details for the organisation contact person in the desired fields, as applicable. All information can be changed.

In the example below we have replaced the email address.

Update details for organisation contact person

2.3. Option 2: Replace the Organisation Contact Person

To fully replace the current contact person with an other registered Authorised User. click on the Select button.

Click on the Select button

Select an authorised user and "Confirm" selection

In the Select in the Authorised Users list screen:

  1. Click the radio button for the authorised user whose details you want to copy into the Contact Person form.
  2. Click OK.

Select an authorised user

2.4. Update the Contact Person

The contact person's details are replaced according to your selection. A Success message is displayed. 

Contact person information is updated

2.5. Update the organisation

To complete the update, you must click on the Update button. A Success message displays. Click OK to close it. 

Changes to organisation are saved

3. Edit an Authorised User

3.1. Access the "Users" section

Open the Users section. The list of added authorised users is displayed. 

3.2. Click the "Edit" icon

Find the contact to be updated in the list and click the Edit icon (green pen) next to it. 

Select Authorised user to update

3.3. Make the required changes and click "Save"

Make the required changes in the Edit Authorised User window. 

There are two ways of recording the details:

  1. If the contact person's email is not already associated with an existing authorised user, the Copy contact person details button is available in the form. Click the button to quickly copy all the contact person's information, including their professional email.
  2. Fill in the information manually.
    1. If the authorised user's phone numbers and/or address are the same as those provided under Organisation Data section, tick the Use organisation phones? and Use organisation address? checkboxes. Otherwise, fill in details in the available fields. 

 In our example below, we have used the Copy contact person details button.


 If the e-mail address is not linked to an EU Login account, the authorised user will receive an invitation to this email address to create an EU Login account. 

Copy contact person details

3.4. Update the organisation

Click on the Update button if no other updates are required for your organisation. A Success message displays. Click OK to close it. 

Save the updates to the organisation

4. Delete an Authorised User

To delete an Authorised User:

  1. Access the Users section. The list of authorised users displays.
  2. Click the Delete icon in the row of the user to be removed.
  3. Confirm by clicking on Yes in the pop-up window. Click No to cancel the deletion.
  4. Click on the Update button to save the changes. 
  5. A Success message displays. Click OK to close it.

Delete an authorised user

Authorised user deleted

You cannot remove yourself

Logged in authorised users can remove any other authorised user from the Organisation Registration system except for themselves. The delete icon is not available.

5. Notifications

Notification emails are sent if contact or user information was updated or removed from the organisation information in the Organisation Registration system. The notifications are sent to the changed or removed contact as well as all other existing contacts registered for the organisation.

The Organisation Registration system will send an invitation to create an EU Login account to any authorised users who do not have such account linked with the email address provided when they are added to the organisation.