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The decline of pollinators requires immediate and decisive action to limit the loss of key European pollinator species and to ensure the resilience of the ecosystems on which they rely. There are already important actions taking place across Europe, with the support of EU funding and EU policies in order to tackle the crisis facing pollinating insects. Projects taking place in the agricultural and urban landscape are key to tackling the main threats facing these important organisms and many are already taking place throughout many EU Member States, informed by ground-breaking and world leading research from several European research institutes.

Find out more about pollinator conservation in Europe.

EU funding has provided opportunities for conservation efforts in Europe; LIFE has been an integral part of this funding effort.

Pollinating insects are a crucial part of the agricultural ecosystem. Find out more about agricultural policies and how they can work for pollinators.

Cities and local authorities across Europe are taking action for pollinators. Find out more about the work already being done and how to do more in your city.

European regional funding provides a key opportunity for greater efforts that can help the survival of pollinator populations. Find out more about these opportunities here.

Understanding pollinators, their threats and how we can conserve them requires scientific research and innovative ideas. How is the EU facilitating this research and innovation?

Education is key to the long-term vision of protecting pollinators and youth can help us lead the way. Find out more about current initiative and opportunities to use education and involve youth in pollinator conservation.

What is happening in your country to help pollinators? What is happening in other countries? We can use examples of success across the EU to help inspire pollinator conservation efforts across the Union.

Actions taking place in the EU are part of a bigger picture across the world to slow the decline of biodiversity and help nature recover. How does the EU contribute to international pollinator conservation efforts?

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