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The LIFE programme is a key EU funding instrument conservation actions for nature and biodiversity, including pollinators. You can find more information on the LIFE’s contribution to nature in the latest study Bringing nature back through LIFE (Report, Brochure). 

Since 2018, the Commission has raised the awareness of the importance of pollinating insects within broader efforts promoting project topics on invertebrates:

Below you can find more information on the ongoing and past LIFE projects relevant for pollinators. 

LIFE projects relevant for pollinators

Project titleDurationMore informationProject N°

Direct action on pollinators
LIFE Apollo20202021-2028LIFE Public Database   Project websiteLIFE20 NAT/PL/000151
LIFE HELLE Eifeltaler2020-Expected soonLIFE19 NAT/DE/000871
LIFE RestoRED2020-Expected soonLIFE19 NAT/SE/000172
LIFE PollinAction2020-2025FactsheetLIFE19 NAT/IT/000848
LIFE Responsible Sourcing2020-2024FactsheetLIFE19 GIE/DE/000785
LIFE 4 POLLINATORS2019-2023Factsheet   Project websiteLIFE18 GIE/IT/000755
LIFE-Patches & Corridors2017-2022Factsheet   Project websiteLIFE15 NAT/DE/000745
LIFE for insects2017-2022Factsheet   Project websiteLIFE16 NAT/CZ/000731
LIFE NARD-US2016-2023Factsheet   Project websiteLIFE15 NAT/BE/000774
LIFE WetFlyAmphibia2015-2021Factsheet   Project websiteLIFE14 NAT/IT/000759

Indirect action on pollinators
LIFE endemic PANALP2020-2027FactsheetLIFE19 NAT/SK/000895
Finvasive LIFE2018-2023Factsheet   Project websiteLIFE17 NAT/FI/000528
LIFE SALLINA2018-2023Factsheet   Project websiteLIFE17 NAT/FR/000519
LIFE STOP Cortaderia2018-2022Factsheet   Project websiteLIFE 17 NAT/ES/000495

Past LIFE projects

LIFE STOPVESPA2015-2019Factsheet   Project websiteLIFE14 NAT/IT/001128
Ardenne ligeoise2012-2020Factsheet LIFE10 NAT/BE/000706
PP-ICON2011-2015Factsheet LIFE09 NAT/IT/000212
Butterflies CZ-SK2011-2016Factsheet LIFE09 NAT/CZ/000364
URBANBEES2010-2015Factsheet LIFE08 NAT/F/000478

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