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Welcome to EU Pollinator Information Hive  

Information on the conservation of wild pollinator species in the EU

All around Europe people are making efforts to address the dramatic decline of pollinators. We all need to work together to tackle the challenge effectively. This platform aims to facilitate information sharing – on the problem and what is being done across the EU to solve it – and collaboration between stakeholders.

Whether you are a citizen, scientist, civil society activist, farmer, forester, beekeeper, business, or a representative of public authorities, this site will help you to find useful information and contacts.

Browse the sections below and learn what is done across the EU to halt the decline of wild pollinators, and get inspired on how you can help.

Want to get fully involved? Check the map and find interesting initiatives around you! Or let us know about a project!

This page is still a work in progress and will be updated regularly

Who is helping pollinators?

About pollinators

There are thousands of different wild pollinators in Europe. Pollinators help wild plants to reproduce, and crops to produce seeds, fruit and nuts and other tasty foods for us to eat. Click here to find out more about the threats they are facing.

Get involved

You would like to help pollinators but you don’t know where to start? We have prepared a list of guidance documents that can help you identify which steps to take.

Action for pollinators

In this section you will find information about ongoing projects on pollinators taking place around the EU, as well as testimonials from conservation experts and an update on the state of play in all EU Member States.


Here you will find educational materials on pollinators that have been collected and systematised from a range of Member States and organisations, as well as resources for communicators.


Learn about the workshops and conferences organised under the EU Pollinators Initiative so far and discover forthcoming events on pollinators!

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