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Many organisations, community groups and citizens are involved in the conservation of pollinators across Europe. These conservation initiatives include habitat creation and restoration, citizen science and public awareness raising. The IUCN European red lists help to inform which pollinator species are in most need of conservation action, with some species even requiring targeted species action plans to bring them back from the brink of extinction. These projects are often funded by the European Union such as the LIFE and LEADER funds. Below we hear from some of Europe’s conservation heroes, working hard to better the fortunes of pollinating insects.

Meet our conservation heroes

Interviewee: Sue Collins
Institution: Butterfly Conservation Europe

Interviewee: Anna Lind-Lewin
Institution: Pollinate Europe

Interviewee: Bettina Wilk
Institution: ICLEI

Interviewee: Simona Bonelli
Institution: University of Turin

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