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Member States’ initiatives to support wild pollinator populations

Are you an individual or organization driving your country’s national pollinator action plan or strategy, or a citizen interested in pollinator conservation in the EU? Does your country have pollinator strategies in place?  In these country reviews you will find the relevant information and contacts in your and other Member States. This can help you in your work on pollinator conservation or to become a pollinator ambassador yourself.

The Netherlands, France, Spain and Ireland currently have public national pollinator strategies and more countries – such as Luxembourg, Belgium and Czechia – are in the process of developing one. 

The reviews have been compiled using inputs from various consultees and have not been officially endorsed by Member State governments. They reflect the situation up to the end of 2019 to the extent to which we were able to gather information, so they are more complete for some Member States than for others. The information reflects what was provided by consultees and the authors do not bear any responsibility for inaccuracies.

This work was funded by the European Commission under the actions outlined in the EU Pollinators Initiative. To find out what the EU and its Member States are doing to conserve wild pollinators in Europe, please go to the European Commission’s Pollinators dedicated page and download the final report by clicking on the link below.