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In Beneficiary module, when completing the Final Beneficiary Report for a KA121, KA122, KA210 and KA220 project, the beneficiary organisation has the opportunity to apply for the European Language Label.

The European Language Label is an award encouraging the development of new techniques and initiatives in the field of language learning and teaching, as well as the enhancement of intercultural awareness across Europe. 

The Label is awarded annually or biannually to the most innovative language learning projects in each Erasmus+ programme country.

By supporting such initiatives at both a local and a national level, the Label seeks, in particular, to raise the standards of language teaching across Europe. 

Source: European language initiatives on European Education Area

A specific subsection, European Language Label, is available for completion in the final beneficiary report.

Beneficiaries who wish to apply for the label must select the relevant check box and fill in the additional fields that become available. The European Language Label section in the report also provides information regarding the European Language Label award criteria, such as Thematic priorities, Comprehensive and creative approach and Impact and dissemination. 

Example of partial European Language Label section to complete in a Final beneficiary report