A notification is sent to the preferred contact of the beneficiary or coordinating organisation, when an interim report request is sent. If there is no notification received by the preferred contact, there is no interim report requested for your project. Before creating or completing your interim report ensure that all project information has been updated correctly, by checking the various project tabs.

1. Click the "Edit Draft" button

In the Interim Report menu, click the Edit Draft button to open the report.

Open Interim Report, click Edit Draft

2. Complete the report

Fill in the necessary fields to complete the Interim report. Note:

  1. The submission button is inactive and greyed out until all necessary information is filled in.
  2. Changes can still be done to the project and will be reflected in the draft report. If there is an error message, an informative message will be displayed detailing what has to be done in order to correct the project data. In this case an organisation that was withdrawn before the end date of the project is indicated as active in activities extending beyond the withdrawal date (or likewise start date). Once the dates are corrected in the various project sections, this error message will disappear.
  3. From this screen you are also able to Return to report page, Print draft report and Preview Draft Report.

Complete report

3. "Start Submission Process"

Once you have completed the report and all fields are indicated with a green check-mark, the Start Submission Process button becomes active and you are able to proceed.

Start submission process

4. Download and fill in the "Beneficiary Declaration of Honour and Signature"

A pop-up screen will be displayed.

  1. Click the Download PDF button in order to download and save the Declaration of Honour.
  2. After the form is filled in and signed, Select File in order to attach it to the report.

Download Declaration of honour, update and upload it

5. Mark that the attachment "Contains declaration of honour" and proceed

Once the file is attached, click the Contains declaration of honour link to mark that the file contains the declaration of honour.

Mark Attachment contains Declaration of honour.

Now you can proceed by clicking the Next Step button.

Proceed by clicking Next Step

6. "Accept" the "Data Protection Notice"

In order to proceed, please read and Accept the Data Protection Notice.

Accept Data protection notice

7. Complete the "Checklist" and proceed

Before submitting your report, complete the Checklist by clicking the Not Done buttons.

Complete checklist

Once checked, the buttons will turn into green Done buttons. Now you can proceed to the Next Step.

Checklist complete

8. "Submit Beneficiary Report"

Confirm the submission of the report by clicking the Submit Beneficiary Report button.

Submit beneficiary report

9. "Submission in progress" status

Now your report is in the process of being submitted. The procedure normally may take up to 15 minutes to complete. You are recommended to contact your NA if the report has not been submitted after 24 hours.

Submission status updated to In Progress

10. "Submitted" status

Once the report is successfully submitted, the status will be changed to Submitted.

Submission completed. status updated to Submitted