The purpose of the editing task is to proofread and, where necessary, improve the linguistic quality of the comments of the consolidated assessments.

No changes can be made to the scoring, the checkbox flags, the decisions or any other content that is not classified as commentary. Only the consolidated assessments are edited. No individual assessments are ever edited.

Editing in OEET is done after all the project assessments for a given action have been consolidated. 

The principles of using OEET for editing are the same as using it for project assessment. The page here provides specifics for editing in OEET. 


The basic functions in OEET (assessment, consolidation, editing) are all carried out in the same way. Therefore read the pages and  before you start. You can disregard the information concerning recording of assessment scores, flagging of check boxes and selection of decision ratings, as this is not relevant to your task of an editor, but the general functionality descriptions are.


1. Login to OEET Assessment and access List of assessment

1.1. Click the "Assessment List" button

After logon to OEET, the programme list opens, displaying the programme(s) and action(s) that you are engaged to work on. Click the Assessment List button for the programme you have to edit.

Open the Assessment list

2. Click the "Assess" button

In the list of assessments allocated to you, projects assigned to you for editing bear the type EDITOR (EDIT_EN).

To start the process, click the Assess button.

Click the Assess button

3. The assessment screen in edit mode

The assessment opens in the GENERAL section. On top of the section navigation you also see the role, set in this case to EDIT.

In all comment fields throughout you will see the comments entered and submitted by all experts and the ones from the consolidation.

The assessment screen in edit mode

4. Edit the comment fields

Visit each of the project sections, edit the comments that you find when necessary.

Take note

Use the section navigation to move inside the assessment and do not use multiple tabs. Save your changes regularly, using the Save button at the end of each page, to avoid loss of data.

Edit Comments - 1

Edit comments - 2

5. Navigate to the "Assessment Validation" section and Submit

Once you have finished editing, navigate to the Assessment Validation section. Remember to only do this if editing is completed. Once submitted, changes are no longer possible.

Click the Submit button. Confirm the submission by clicking OK in the pop up. After the request is processed, a confirmation is displayed. The assessment is now marked with the Submitted watermark and the submission date for the edit added.

Take note

The Assessment Validation section displays the submission details of the last experts submission, meaning there is a submission date and a 'successful submission' message displayed in the onscreen box. Pay no attention to these. When you perform your own submission, the Submitted by editor date stamp is added as well as a Submitted watermark.

Click submit

Confirm submission

Confirmation of submission

6. Printing

You can print the assessment, before and after submission. The Print button is available throughout the assessment.


Printing before editing might be useful. The *.pdf file that is created when using the print option will include all comments from the experts' assessments and consolidation. This could help you preparing your editing task.

To print, click the Print button and follow the instructions on screen.

Click Print button to create PDF

When you print your assessment prior to submission, the word Draft appears as a watermark on the printout. No watermark is visible if you print after submission.

Note: If you are required to print and sign your assessments, it must the submitted version that you use for this.

Print assessment via PDF

7. Edit another project or switch programme

Click the Project List link in the section navigation to return to the list of projects allocated to you and select another project for editing (if applicable).

Edit another project or switch programme

In the assessment list the Submission Date column displays now the date and time of the submission of your edited assessment. No further adjustments are possible.

Submission date has been added in the Assessment list