This page explains how to add the organisation contact person and authorised users to your organisation in the Organisation Registration system.

Take note

The illustrations in this wiki page are for consultation purpose only and do not always reflect the latest implementation.

There may be minor changes to the screen appearance and layout which are described on the updated page Basic functionalities of the Organisation Registration system


1. Adding the Organisation Contact Person

1.1. Access the "Organisation Contact Person" section in the Content menu

The Organisation Contact Person screen opens. 

1.2. Provide all required information

Information such as First and Last Name, Position in the organisation and professional e-mail have to be provided. All mandatory fields are clearly marked with *.

By default, the checkboxes to use the organisation phones and organisation address are not ticked. If those details are the correct ones for the Organisation Contact Person, tick the checkboxes. The relevant information will be taken over from the Organisation Data section of the registration form. 

If the phone numbers and/or address of the contact person are different from the information provided under Organisation Data, provide the information in the available fields. 

Access the Organisation contact person section

1.3. "Organisation Contact Person" marked complete

The icon in the Content menu changes to green once all mandatory information in this section is provided. You can proceed to the next part of the registration: Authorised Users

Organisation Contact Person section marked complete

2. Adding the first Authorised User

As the person registering the organisation, you are the first Authorised User

At this point in the registration process it is not possible to add more authorised users, but the option is available after the registration form is submitted.

2.1. Access the "Users" section

The Users screen opens with an empty table, where you must enter your personal details. Your professional email address is already filled in as it is retrieved from your EU Login account. This e-mail address cannot be changed. 

Open Users section

2.2. Provide all required information

Provide the missing mandatory information. The icon in the Content menu changes to green when all required fields are filled in. 

There are two ways of recording the details:

  1. If you are also the contact person of the organisation, click on the Copy contact person details button to quickly fill in your information from the Organisation Contact Person section.
    Remember: You cannot replace your own professional email, otherwise you would lose access to the organisation. If you used a different email in the Contact Person section, that email does not allow you to sign in as an authorised user.
  2. If you are not the contact person, fill in your details manually
    1. If your phone numbers and/or address are the same as those provided under Organisation Data section, tick the Use organisation phones? and Use organisation address? checkboxes. Otherwise, fill in details in the available fields. 

In our example below, the contact person is the same as the authorised user, but the professional email addresses are different.

Provide all required information

3. Adding further Authorised Users, if applicable

Adding further authorised users is only possible once the organisation is registered in the Organisation Registration system. This can be done either immediately after registration or at any time later by updating existing organisation details

Note: Any authorised user can add other authorised users.


All Authorised Users must have an EU Login account to access the organisation information. Authorised users without an EU Login account will receive an email invitation to create their EU Login account when they are added to the organisation. The invitation is send to the email address recorded in the Organisation Registration system for this organisation and this email must be used when creating their EU Login account.

3.1. Access the "Users" section and click the "Add new authorised user" button

To add more authorised users, click the Add new authorised user button. 

Add new authorised user

3.2. Provide the required information

In the Create Authorised User window, provide all required information.

There are two ways of recording the details:

  1. If the contact person's email is not already associated with an existing authorised user, the Copy contact person details button is available in the form. Click the button to quickly copy all the contact person's information, including their professional email.
  2. Fill in the information manually.
    1. If the authorised user's phone numbers and/or address are the same as those provided under Organisation Data section, tick the Use organisation phones? and Use organisation address? checkboxes. Otherwise, fill in details in the available fields. 

 In our example below, we have used the Copy contact person details button.


 If the e-mail address is not linked to an EU Login account, the authorised user will receive an invitation to this email address to create an EU Login account. 

Provide required information

3.3. Click "Save"

The Save button becomes available once all mandatory information for the user is entered. Click on it to save the information. 

Save the new authorised user

The Users screen displays, now showing the newly created user in the list of Authorised Users.

Take note

The newly added Authorised User is not yet saved. Make sure you click on the Update button to save the changes.

Updated list of authorised users

3.4. Repeat the steps to add more Authorised users

To add more authorised users, repeat the steps as explained above. 

3.5. Update my organisation

After all authorised users are added, click on the Update button to save. A Success message displays if the update is successful. 

Updated my organisation

4. Notifications

The Organisation Registration system will send notification e-mails when a new authorised user is created. Notifications are sent to the newly added authorised user and all already existing authorised users of the organisation. 

The Organisation Registration system will send an invitation to create an EU Login account to any authorised users who do not have such account linked with the email address provided when they are added to the organisation.