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  • How to download datasets

There are different areas where a download can be requested:

Those two last features are described in the mentioned documentation pages. Accordingly, they won’t be described here.

Excel users are encouraged to use API directly within Excel Power Query to ease access to most recent data. Please follow the API - FAQ - Usage in Excel Power Query guide.

Downloading a dataset from the navigation tree (under ALL DATA)

Select a theme or category. The Data results lists available datasets, for the theme or category. For the relevant dataset, click on the download icon () located amongst the action icons.

Select the appropriate format to start an immediate download for the full dataset:

The available formats are:

  • Spreadsheet (.xlsx)

  • SDMX 2.1

  • TSV

Downloading dataset from the data visualisation page

Immediate download

Click on Download in the data visualisation page (at the top right of the Actions area):

Select the appropriate format to start an immediate download of the dataset, with full scope as default data scope.

The available formats are:

  • Spreadsheet (.xlsx)


  • TSV

Download in other formats and / or with options

Click on Download menu in the dataset visualisation page. Click on Options and other formats:

The Formats and download options window opens.

Three tabs are available:

  • Data

  • Data structure

  • Code lists

Cancel or close this window at any time by clicking on Cancel.

Data tab

The process for every file format is:

  1. Select the file format (see the list of available file formats here).

  2. Select the desired options for the data scope to download (see this page for format-specific available options).

  3. Click on Download

Data structure tab

In this tab, it is possible to choose among the following options:

  • Data structure scope

    • Custom dataset: Only the structural information related to the displayed dataset is present in the file

    • Full dataset: All the structural information related to the full dataset will be present in the file

  • SDMX 2.1 format (for more information please read this page).

Code lists tab

For further detail on the Code lists tab, see the section How to download code lists?