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The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan for 2021-2025 is a new five-year shared plan of action that aims to help bees, other pollinating insects and Ireland’s wider biodiversity. The plan will work to bring about a landscape where pollinators can flourish. The plan has 186 science-based actions spread across six objectives:

Objective 1: Making farmland pollinator friendly. By working together with the farming community, the Plan wants to achieve an increased awareness of pollinators and the resources they need in order to survive on farmland. 

Objective 2: Making public land pollinator friendly. By working together with Councils, Transport Authorities, Local Communities and others, the Plan wants to better coexist with biodiversity and help return food and shelter for pollinators to our island.

Objective 3: Making private land pollinator friendly. From gardens, to businesses, faith communities and sports clubs, the Plan wants to work together to create networks of biodiversity-friendly habitat across our landscape.

Objective 4: All-Ireland Honeybee Strategy. By supporting beekeepers, the Plan wants to achieve healthy, sustainable populations, and for honeybees to be part of a cohesive pollinator message that balances managed and wild pollinator populations.

Objective 5: Conserving rare pollinators. By improving our knowledge on rare pollinators, and by raising awareness through dedicated initiatives, the Plan is aiming to protect as much wild pollinator diversity as possible.

Objective 6: Strategic coordination of the Plan. By continually raising awareness; addressing gaps in our knowledge through research; and by tracking where pollinators occur and how populations are changing, the Plan wants to work from an evidence base that enables us to coordinate a dynamic plan that is targeted and effective.

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan for 2021-2025 can be accessed here.

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