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Germany’s Action Programme for Insect Conservation (Aktionsprogramm Insektenschutz), adopted by the German Federal Government in 2019, aims to comprehensively combat insect decline. The programme’s objective is to reverse the trend of declining insect abundance and species diversity. In order to address the key drivers of insect decline and restore living conditions for insects in Germany, the action programme relies on the swift implementation of concrete measures in the following nine areas:

  1. Supporting insect habitats and structural diversity in agricultural landscapes;
  2. Restoring and connecting insect habitats in other landscape areas;
  3. Enhancing protected areas as insect habitats;
  4. Reducing the use of pesticides;
  5. Reducing inputs of nutrients and pollutants in soil and water;
  6. Mitigating light pollution;
  7. Intensifying research – strengthening knowledge – closing gaps;
  8. Improving funding – creating incentives;
  9. Promoting civic commitment.

The German Action Programme for Insect Conservation is available in English and German.

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