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The Finnish national strategy and action plan for pollinators aims to ensure the future of pollinators and pollination in Finland. Its objective is to halt the decline in the numbers of pollinators and their diversity by 2030, strengthen the populations of pollinator species and ensure the pollination of both wild and cultivated plants.

The action plan contains 27 measures, which are divided into five themes. The measures under the first two themes improve the habitats and living conditions of both threatened and more common pollinators. The third theme is concerned with the responsible use of managed pollinators, and the fourth with improving research and monitoring data on pollinators. The fifth theme comprises communication activities, provision of advice and promoting action in support of pollinators.

The pollinator strategy includes a proposal for national pollinator monitoring and the estimated resources required for it. Estimates are also presented of the resources needed for certain other measures.

The pollinator strategy and action plan was drawn up by a working group appointed by the Ministry of the Environment. The statements and comments received were taken into account when finalising the strategy.

The Finnish National Strategy and Action Plan for Pollinators can be accessed here.

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