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The Belgian National Strategy for Pollinators, which covers the period 2021-2030, aims for a future in which pollinators, as umbrella species, thrive and provide their essential services by benefiting biodiversity, the health of ecosystems, food production and human well-being. The strategy has the following objectives:

  1. Increase the extent, quality, diversity and connectivity of habitats (foraging areas and nesting sites) and food resources available to support communities of healthy wild and managed pollinators across the country;
  2. Mitigate factors contributing to pollinator species decline and prevent their extinction;
  3. Increase the resilience of all pollinators to climate change and extreme weather events;
  4. Raise awareness among various actors (public and private) and train sectors which are key to solving the problem;
  5. Improve collaboration between all stakeholders, especially between different authorities concerned;
  6. Increase the evidence-based database needed to support policies and effective actions, and monitor their impact.


The Belgian National Strategy for Pollinators (2021 – 2030) is available in French and Dutch.

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