In the framework of ErasmusPro activities, short "Advance Planning Visits" (APV) of staff from sending to hosting organisations (VET providers and/or companies) may be funded in order to facilitate interinstitutional cooperation, better prepare the mobilities and ensure their high quality.

Erasmus+ Programme Guide

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KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals

KA102 - VET learner and staff mobility

KA116 - VET learner and staff mobility with VET mobility charter

1. Create an activity type of APV

Maximum one APV may be created per host organisation where an ErasmusPro activity shall also take place.

To enter the details of the APV please follow the steps to complete a mobility. Please note that some differences in fields and rules may be displayed in the examples used.

MT+ Basics and variations of the mobility screen for KA1

There will be no participant reports required for mobilities of type APV.

2. Monitor APV from the dashboard

The dashboard provides and overview of the APV for the project. The APV section on the dashboard displays:

Total Number of Advance Planning Visits

  • This section is only displayed after mobilities of activity type Advance Planning Visit (APV) are encoded in Mobility Tool+.
  • It lists the host organisations and details the number of activity types for APV and Erasmus Pro for each host organisation with one APV.
  • The number of Erasmus Pro mobilities will only be updated after the mobility end date is reached.
  • This dashboard item can be used to check the business rule which are not enforced by system:
    • There should only be one APV per host organisation
    • There should be at least one mobility of activity type Erasmus Pro mobility for that host organisation which has an APV indicated.
    • The APV will usually be performed before the mobility and therefore the dashboard may indicate the APV with Zero Erasmus Pro mobilities as the mobility has not reached it's end date.
    • If the mobility could not be completed for that host organisation and yet the APV was, then this has to be justified in the beneficiary report.

MT + How to read the Project Dashboard (HE and VET projects only)