How to get access to Mobility Tool+

Contact person from the beneficiary or coordinating organisation

Those persons who are indicated as the project contact person of the beneficiary or coordinating organisation in the NA's Project Management System will automatically be given access to Mobility Tool+.

These are usually the same details as entered in the application form, unless changed during the selection process. The email address associated with this contact person will receive the notification from the system once the project is created in Mobility Tool+.

This contact person will be able to create new contacts with or without access to edit the project details in Mobility Tool+.

Incorrect email address for contact person

If an incorrect email address is used for the project contact person, the National Agency should change the email address in the NA's Project Management System and resend the data to Mobility Tool+.

Without a correct email address the project cannot be accessed by the beneficiary organisation. Once at least one beneficiary contact has access to the project in Mobility Tool+, it is the beneficiary's responsibility to manage and update the contacts for the project themselves.

Overview of default access rights

KA1KA2KA219, KA229 Schools onlyKA3ESC
Beneficiaries Edit + View accessEdit + View accessN/AEdit + View accessEdit + View access

View access

(Edit access can be given by a Beneficiary contact)


View access

(Edit access can be given by a Beneficiary contact)


KA107: Contacts of partner organisations can be given limited view access to the project.

  • They only view mobilities that the organisation is either hosting or receiving.
  • They only view contacts of their own and beneficiary organisation.
  • The contact can download mobilities, participant reports and surveys on recognition in which its partner organisation is involved.
  • No access to the budget or dashboard tabs.

View access

(Edit access can be given by a Beneficiary contact)

Edit + View in their copies

View access in the Coordinator copy

No access in other Partners' copies


View or edit access can be given by a Beneficiary contact.

Coordinators N/AN/A 

Edit + View access in their copies

View access in the Partners copies