This page explains the layout and menu items for the Erasmus+ homepage and how to search for projects in the Project results platform.

For an overview on searching in the Erasmus+ project results platform, see the page Projects | Erasmus+ (europa.eu), for a short video.


  • Searching for projects in the Project results platform is available to the public
  • Editing and managing projects in the Project results platform is restricted to Beneficiaries and NAs with specific administration rights

The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 


Erasmus+ homepage

The Erasmus+ homepage contains a number of sections related to the programme such as:

  • The Main Menu (1) with links to the following:
    • Homepage
    • About Erasmus
    • Opportunities
    • Programme Guide
    • Resources and tools
    • What's new?
    • Projects
  • Explore the Erasmus+ programme (2)
  • Highlights (3) - Opportunities, How to apply and Top resources
Erasmus plus homepage

To access information relating to Erasmus+ projects, click the Projects drop-down link.

Projects drop-down menu

To access the Project results platform, click the Search project results link.

Search project results

Search project results


The Search project results screen consists of the (1) Search field, (2) Filters section and (3) Search results section. 

Use the (4) scrollbar on the right-hand side of the page, to see more filter options and search results. 

Search project results screen

The Filter options section (2) is divided into a number of checkboxes and radio buttons (only one Action can be chosen at any time).

Searching in the Organisation section

When searching for the involvement of a country, this can only be done as a Coordinator or a Partner. If you want a combined search for Partner and Coordinator you can perform two separate searches and compare them both in separate browser windows/tabs. For example, if all projects coordinated by a Nigerian institution (a) and all projects that include e.g. Nigerian partners (b).

Filter options section

Search results panel

In the example below, we want to see a list of projects relating to climate change, so the specific text is inserted into the (1) Search projects field. Click the (2) Search button and the results are listed in the (3) Search results panel.

Customised search

In the Search results panel, you can sort the list by choosing the following from the drop-down menu:

  • Updated (latest first) 
  • Call Year (latest first)
  • Call Year (oldest first)
  • Title (A-Z)

The results can also be downloaded in spreadsheet format (XLS), by clicking the Download results (XLS) button or text. The file is then downloaded (by default) to your downloads folder.

Search results options

To view the list of results in grid format, click the View as Grid icon or text. To change back to list view, click the icon or List text.

View as list or grid option

Map view

To view the list in map format click the Map icon or text. The list changes to a map with locator pins indicated on the map. 

View results on a map

On the top left-hand side of the map, the following icons are available:

  • Home icon - To return to the default map view
  • + icon - To zoom into the map (use the scroll wheel to also zoom in)
  • - icon - To zoom out of the map (use the mouse scroll wheel to also zoom out)
  • Full screen icon - Click to enlarge the map to full screen
  • Print icon - Click to print the current map view

Map icons

Located on the map are two types of icons. The circle (1) contains the number of projects in the area and clicking on it gives the user a more detailed location of the specific projects. The second icon is a pin icon (2) indicating the location of the project.

Map icons

Clicking on the locator pin, opens information about the project with a link to the Project card.

Map with project information pop-up

Save in My Booklet

In the Search results list, specific projects can be saved to a unique area called My Booklet, where individual or a list of projects can be accessed. To place a project into this customised area, click on Save in My Booklet.

Save in My Booklet button

As a project is saved, a booklet icon appears with a number indicating the amount of projects saved into the My Booklet area.

Save in My Booklet icon indicator

To open My Booklet, click the icon (1), and the Booklet management screen will appear (2)

Booklet management section

The Booklet management area contains the following:

  • Title field where the name of the booklet can be inserted
  • Description field where details of the saved booklet can be inserted
  • Clear Booklet icon which allows the booklet to be emptied of the customized list of projects
  • Titles of projects saved into the booklet. A bin icon is located on the right side of the title, where the specific project can be deleted
  • Download as PDF icon button

Booklet management details

Click the Download as PDF icon to download the booklet.

Download My Booklet as PDF

The PDF booklet contains details of the specific projects.

Sample PDF of My Booklet

Project details

In the search list, in the specific project, click the Project details button to view more details about the project.

Project details button

The Project Details section is divided into several subsections, including:

  • Project Header: Indicates the title, logo (if inserted), options to save the project to 'My Booklet', and whether the project is recommended as Good Practice
  • Project Reference code
  • Project details
    • Status
    • Start/End date
    • EU grant amount
    • Programme
    • Key Action details
    • Action type
    • Countries covered
    • Website
    • Topics covered within the project
  • Summary
  • Coordinator details
  • Participant Map
  • Participants countries (if applicable)

Project details sections

Use the scrollbar to see more project details.

Project details scrollbar


The Partners section (where applicable) contains the title and details of the partners, listed in a collapsed card format.

Partner section

To see more details of the partners, click the + (plus) icon to expand the partner card. This displays the location of the partner, the partner type, and contact details including the website.

Partners card details

To download the specific project card, click the Download button in the Download section. The card is downloaded (in this example, in English) in PDF format.

Partner details download as PDF


The Results section operates in a similar way to the Partners section, where the collapsed card can be opened by clicking the + (plus) icon.

Results card details

The Results card contains more details of the results with downloadable attachments. In this example, the results are downloaded in PDF format.

Results details downloaded as PDF


At the bottom of the Project results platform, the user can give feedback on the website, by expanding the section Want to give your feedback about this page?. Once clicked, the user can fill in the small questionnaire and submit the feedback to the developers of the Project results platform. 

Feedback on the Project results platform