This page details the budget specifics for Erasmus+ projects carried out under KA171-HED - Mobility of higher education students and staff supported by external policy funds.

Mobility activities must have the status Complete in order to be taken into account in the overall calculations displayed in the project Budget.

For a general description of the budget screen functionality, as well as more details about the awarded and reported budget, please see the page Budget in projects. For information regarding the Budget Transfers in KA171 projects, please see Budget Transfers in KA171 projects

Access the "Budget" in the project

In beneficiary grant projects, information about the Awarded and Reported Budget can be found in both the project details header and the Budget section of a project in Beneficiary module.

The Awarded Budget represents the most recent grant amount awarded by the National Agency. The Reported Budget represents the actual amounts used in the project, calculated based on information provided in project sections such as mobility activities, participation, and events.

In the Budget screen, the column % Reported/Awarded indicates the percentage of the awarded budget that has been used, allowing for monitoring of expenditure for each relevant budget item.

The names of the budget may vary depending on the action type, as follows:

  • Awarded Budget: Approved budget by National Agency
  • Reported Budget: Current budget
  • % Reported/Awarded: % Current/Approved

Example of the Awarded and Reported budget information in a KA131-HED project

To view the budget summary in your project, click on Budget in the Content menu

The Budget screen opens on the Budget tab, where you can view the awarded budget and the actual project costs as reported in your project, broken down per activity type and cost type

You also have access to the Budget Transfers tab, where it is possible to view the total number of mobilities per region and partner country and can be split further into incoming (to the beneficiary) or outgoing (from the beneficiary) mobility flows. See the page Budget Transfers in KA171 projects for details. 

Budget in Project Details

Totals per project

The first part of the screen includes the total amounts calculated at project level regarding the participants and various budget items, as per completed mobility activities in your project. The following information is available:

  1. For each budget item, you will be able to view the Awarded Budget, the Reported Budget, and the share of the awarded grant used so far, under %Reported/Awarded. Where applicable, you will also view the Approved number of participants by NA and the Reported number of participants.

  2. Total project is calculated automatically as the sum of grant items and reported costs, respectively, from Mobility activities, Mobility activity organisational support, and Exceptional Costs for the Financial Guarantee.
  3. Breakdown of the total project budget per cost item: Organisational support (excluding Zero-grant mobilities not flagged as "OS Covered by Erasmus+ EU Funds"), Inclusion support for organisations and Exceptional costs for financial guarantee. All amounts are read-only, except:
  4. The reported Organisational support (excluding Zero-grant mobilities not flagged as "OS Covered by Erasmus+ EU Funds"): this field is prefilled with the maximum allowed amount, which is calculated based on the number of participants in the project, but it can be modified. If you enter an amount higher than the maximum allowed, displayed below the field, an error message will display on the screen. 
  5. The reported Exceptional costs for financial guarantee: if the National Agency has asked you to provide a financial guarantee, insert the real costs incurred related to the guarantee, in the dedicated field.

If no completed mobility activities are available in your project, the reported values will display 0 EUR.

Totals per project

Any changes you make will be automatically saved and a success message displays.

Changes are saved automatically

Budget breakdown per activity type

Below the totals for the project, subsections are displayed for each activity type, provided that completed mobility activities for an activity type are available in your project.

For each activity type, the following information may be available, depending on the information provided for the completed mobility activities:

  • Individual support - This budget item accounts for accommodation and other subsistence expenses incurred by individual participants during their activity period. 
  • Top up for fewer opportunities - This budget item accounts for any top-up for participants with fewer opportunities. 
  • Travel support - This budget item accounts for transportation expenses incurred by individual participants to travel from their place of origin to their venues and back.
  • Individual (incl. Top-up) and travel support - The sum of Individual support grant and Travel support.
  • Exceptional cost - The EU grant for the exceptional cost.
  • Inclusion support for participants - Additional costs directly linked to participants with fewer opportunities and their accompanying persons, including group leaders and facilitators (including justified costs related to travel and subsistence if a grant for these participants is not requested through Travel support and Individual support grant). This information is only displayed if participants with fewer opportunities are participating in a mobility activity of an activity type.

Budget breakdown per activity type

All Activity Types

Below the activities subsections, the All activity types section is displayed, displaying the various cost items as per completed mobility activities in your project for all activity types.

All Activity Types

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