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  • Transition - from Eurostat Bulk Download to API

Differences to consider

Transitioning from Eurostat Bulk Download to API introduces some structural and data changes in the TSV and SDMX file formats.

They are presented in detail in the following documents:

Two more files are available to help in the transition:

New URL for data download

In Bulk download, data download URL is<dataset_code>.tsv.gz

In API SDMX 2.1, it simplifies to<dataset_code>?format=TSV&compressed=true  

Example of a REST request to download the TSV data file of the "BOP_EU6_M" dataset

Submit in a web client (for example, a browser) a valid HTTP call with the name of the dataset and the relevant format:  

The API returns the dataset data file: BOP_EU6_M.tsv.gz

Manual data download using Data Browser

New interface is documented in the following page : How to perform mass download operations

Example: How to download a TSV file?

  1. Go to the Data Browser:

  2. Navigate to the relevant dataset by code, e.g. "European Union and euro area balance of payments - monthly data (BPM6) (BOP_EU6_M)".

    1. Enter the code in the filter input

    2. Select the download format “TSV” from the Download Operations drop-down

    3. click on Apply to start the process