If a project, has ended without any costs, and no mobilities have taken place, then it is possible to terminate the project with no grant. This action can be performed by the National Agency or by the beneficiary/Coordinating organisation.

This scenario below, is performed by a National Agency user and Beneficiary users will not see the tab NA Validation. Otherwise the steps remain the same for both profiles. It is only possible to terminate the project with no grant, if there are no mobilities added and the declared budget has not costs indicated. Check the declared budget under the Budget tab.

See also MT+ How to remove a final report to create a termination report.

Take note

In KA2 some project data is transferred during project creation for ME, IO and TPM. If a KA2 project does not show the termination screen, even though there is no Budget (0€), these records need to be manually removed.


1. Click the "Reports" tab

In MT+ click on the Reports tab to start the Termination with no grant Report procedure.If this button does not appear, it is perhaps due to the fact that there are still mobilities or activities for strategic partnerships added or costs declared under the budget tab. To terminate with no grant, remove all mobilities or activities for strategic partnerships and remove all declared costs.If the project is to be terminated with eligible costs, then the beneficiary report can be submit as normal, without removing the eligible mobilities and costs.

Click the Reports tab

2. Generate a "Terminate-with-no-grant Report"

To proceed, click the Agree checkbox and click on the Generate a Terminate-with-no-grant Report button.

Generate a Terminate with no grant report

3. Click on "Edit Draft"

To edit the draft report, click the Edit Draft button. Below, you will start to see the history of the procedure.

Click Edit Draft

4. Add "Reason of Termination"

The first field is 1. Reasons of termination. Explain the reasons for the project termination in concise detail in the field provided.

Complete Reason of Termination

5. "Download Declaration of Honour" document

In the Annexes section, click the DOWNLOAD Declaration of Honour button to download the form to be signed.

Download Declaration of Honour

Once clicked, a dialogue box appears where you can either save or open the document. Click OK to proceed.

Save or open the document

6. Signing "Declaration of Honour" document

In the Declaration of Honour document the Place and Date details are to be filled in and signed.


If the NA requires the National ID number of the signing person, fill in the details in the area provided. A stamp of the beneficiary organisation may also be required.

Sign Declaration of Honour

7. Upload Declaration of Honour document

Once signed, the document needs to be scanned and re-uploaded to MT+. To do this, either drag the document from its location in Windows Explorer to the section Drop Here Your File(s), or click the Select File button and navigate to the document, and click Open.

Upload signed Declaration of Honour

8. Click on "Start Submission Process"

  1. An indication of the successful upload of the Declaration of Honour document will be highlighted.

  2. Click on the Start Submission Process to proceed.

Click Start Submission Process

9. The checklist wizard appears

To ensure that all the necessary steps have been performed, the checklist wizard window appears. The first step is to check that you have added the Beneficiary Declaration of Honour and Signature. In this case, it is already added. Click the Next Step button to proceed.

Verify Declaration of Honour, Click Next Step

10. "Accept" the "Data Protection Notice"

Once you have read the Data Protection Notice details, click the Accept button to proceed.

Accept the Data Protection Notice

11. Check the "Submission Process Checklist"

To continue submission, you must check the list. The button to proceed to the Next Step will not become active until all items in the checklist are marked as Done. Change the button Not Done to Done by clicking on it.

Verify the Submission Process Checklist items

Once you are satisfied that everything in the checklist has been done, click on the Next Step button to proceed.

Checklist complete - click Next Step

12. Confirm Submission

In the final dialogue box Confirm Submission, read the text before clicking the Submit Termination-with-no-grant Report button.

Confirm the Submission

Once clicked, the data will be sent for review by the National Agency. The dialogue box indicates the text Sending data, please wait.

Please Wait while sending data

13. Submission in progress

Returning to the Report screen you will see the report submission is in process. This can take up to 15 minutes.

Status updated to Submission in progress

14. Successful submission of report

The screen will then change to Beneficiary Report has been successfully submitted.

Successful submission of report

15. View termination confirmation

Once the termination with no grant report has been accepted and processed by the National Agency, the report and project status will be indicated as Terminated no grant.

View Termination confirmation