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Root AF Illustrations and changes
Root AF Illustrations and changes

In the Activities section of the application form you are asked to provide details about the mobility activities you plan to organise and the amount of EU grant you are requesting to implement them

Activities must be planned for each region defined in the Regional Partnership section of the application.

You will first define the countries involved and activity categories (staff mobility or learner mobility) per region.

Each activity may contain one or more mobility flows, detailing the planned activities, including incoming or outgoing visit, number of participants, travel distance and time, and duration.

The individual support grant, top-up for fewer opportunities and travel grant are calculated for each flow based on the provided information.

Cumulative figures per region (total grant and total number of participants) are available after completion.

How to complete Activities in KA171 ApplicationsImage RemovedHow to complete Activities in KA171 ApplicationsImage Added

The Budget Summary section of the application provides an overview of the planned costs and the requested amount of EU grant.

For further details please refer to the detailed steps description below. 

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Navigating in an application form
Navigating in an application form

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Root Questions or fields may vary .... (AF)
Root Questions or fields may vary .... (AF)

titleRelevant For...

This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call year 2024
    • KA171-HED - Mobility of higher education students and staff supported by external policy funds

Before you start

  • You must have completed sections Context, Applicant Organisation(s) and Regional Partnerships sections in the application form.
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Numbered Headings

Open "Activities" 

Click on Activities in the Content menu. The Activities screen opens, where you will see an overview of the planned activities per region and country, total number of participants and total grant. 

The Content menu for the Activities section displays details about regions and countries where you plan to have activities and is updated as you add activity categories and flows.

Initially it displays: 

  • a subsection with List of activities with for each region identified in the Regional Partnership section of your application
  • for each country defined as partner in a region, a subsection with the title: Activities with <country> 

Each subsection is marked with a red dot if it is incomplete, namely there is missing mandatory information. The sections and subsections will be preceded with a green dot when all mandatory information is filled in and the sections are complete.

titleTake note

If you are planning to have activities in more than one region, the sequence of regions in the Content menu and in the Activities list may be different, as the Content Menu displays the regions in the order in which they were added under Regional Partnership, while the list of Regions under Activities is sorted alphabetically.

Open Activities sectionImage RemovedOpen Activities sectionImage Added

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Add activities for each region

In KA171-HED application forms, activities are added at country level. Two activity categories are available for each country:

  • Learner mobility
  • Staff mobility

Later, during the project implementation, you will be able to specify details about the activities you plan (studies/ traineeship/ teaching/ training).

To add an activity to a country, do the following:

  1. In the activities section click on the Details (clipboard)icon for the Region/Country you want to add activities to. Alternatively click in the Content menu on List of activities with ... the applicable region.
  2. Fill in the available empty row, by selecting the Country and the Activity category from the respective drop-down lists.

If you want to add further activities for the same region click on the Add activity button. A new empty row is then added for the region.
As above f
ill it in by selecting the Country and the Activity category from the respective drop-down list

titlePlease note

Each activity category can only be added once for the same country. 

Add Activities to a regionImage RemovedAdd Activities to a regionImage Added

The Content menu is updated as you add activity categories to a country in the region and now displays:

  • an additional subsection under the applicable country for the added activity: List of flows, followed by country and activity category.

New subsection with flowsImage RemovedNew subsection with flowsImage Added

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Add flows to the activity

Click on "List of flows" for the selected country/activity category

In the Content menu click on List of flows for the specific country and activity category. This will open the flow overview screen, where you will see a card for each flow as you add them.

Flows are added as cards, with the key details displayed in the card header, after you fill in the required information.

Each Flow card can be expanded to allow the update of the flow details by clicking the down arrow to the right or the Edit icon or collapsed to have a better overview.

The first flow is mandatory and an empty card is already available, with the Flow ID 1.

To add further flows to the selected activity, click on the Add flow button. A new empty card is then added with incremented Flow ID.

titlePlease note

Each activity must have at least one flow. 

Add a flow to the selected activityImage RemovedAdd a flow to the selected activityImage Added

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Fill in the flow details

Fill in the flow details. The mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

Certain fields are updated automatically based on the information you provide, and cannot be modified manually. These include the country of origin, country of destination, certain duration fields and all grant fields.

Specify the direction of flow (incoming - to applicant country, outgoing - to partner country), the number of participants, travel details and duration.

titleTake note

The fields to fill in and the applicable rules and restrictions differ based on the selected region and activity category. Please read the onscreen information carefully when filling in the flow details.

Empty Flow card expandedImage RemovedEmpty Flow card expandedImage Added

titleExample of outgoing flow for South Mediterrian Region

Here is an example of an outgoing flow for a Staff mobility activity for the South-Mediterranean region. Note that the flow header has also been updated.

Completed flow details - Example 1Image RemovedCompleted flow details - Example 1Image Added

titleExample of incoming flow for Western Balkan region

Here is an example of an incoming flow for a Learner mobility activity for the Western Balkans region.

Completed flow details - Example 2Image RemovedCompleted flow details - Example 2Image Added

At the bottom of the page you can consult the Total duration for all participants and Total No. of Participants for all flows for the selected activity. 

Totals for all flows in one activityImage RemovedTotals for all flows in one activityImage Added

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Overview of activities

After you have added details to the activities and flows you can click on Activities in the Content menu for a high-level overview.

  1. View the updated Total number of participants and Total grant (EUR) requested per region. Where possible, these values also include numbers/grants calculated based on partial information provided in the other subsections.
  2. In the Action column, clicking on the Details icon for a specific region takes you to the Region overview screen.
  3. In the Content menu view the updated number of activities added for all regions and all countries - in our example 3. The section is preceded by a red cross as long as there is missing information in any subsection. 

High level overview of activitiesImage RemovedHigh level overview of activitiesImage Added

Click on the Activities with Country name in the Content menu for an overview of the activities for a specific country.

  1. View the added activities as cards, with additional details such as the category, total number of participants and total grant per activity
  2. View the summed up Total number of participants and Total Grant (EUR) for all activities in that country.
  3. In the cards:
    1. If all details have been added, the card is preceded by a green line. If there are no flows or incomplete flows for an activity, the card is marked with a red line. This is also reflected in the Content menu.
    2. Click on Edit to expand the card.
    3. Click on Details to navigate to the List of flows for the selected activity.
  4. In the Content menu you can see the updated number of activity categories added for that country. The section is preceded by a red dot if it is incomplete or by a green dot if it is complete.

Overview of activities at country levelImage RemovedOverview of activities at country levelImage Added

Update an activity

Click on an activity in the Content menu to update the country or the activity category for a specific activity. 

titleTake note

If you change the type of activity, this will affect previously completed flows in that activity and will result in the activity and flows being marked incomplete. Check all activity details and flows and correct if needed.

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Delete an activity or flow

To delete an activity from the list, click on List of activities for the applicable Region name in the Content menu

Click on the Delete (X) icon for the activity to remove. Confirm the deletion by clicking on Delete in the pop-up window. 

titleTake note

Deleting an activity will remove all entered data for the selected activity and all included flows.

At least one country / activity category must remain for each region.

Delete an activityImage RemovedDelete an activityImage Added

To delete a flow, click on List of flows for the applicable Country/activity in the Content menu

Click on the Delete (X) icon for the flow to remove. Confirm the deletion by clicking on Delete in the pop-up window. 

Delete a flowImage RemovedDelete a flowImage Added

Example of a completed "Activities" section

Once you have correctly completed all sections and subsections, the section and all subsections are marked with a green check.

Activities section and subsections completeImage RemovedActivities section and subsections completeImage Added

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