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Illustrations provided for consultation only...
Illustrations provided for consultation only...

This page explains how to add and manage activities for European Solidarity Corps ESC51-VTJ Volunteering projects via the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform.

An activity is a set of tasks performed within the same location, the same time frame and the same scope. A group of participants are associated to the activity with a unique activity ID. The association of a participant to an activity is referred to as a participation.

It is recommended to create offers that are to be grouped for the same activity ID using the same offer title. In this way, all participants that have accepted offers related to the same activity ID can be easily associated to the same activity. 

titleRelevant For...

This page is relevant for:

  • ESC51 - Volunteering projects 

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In order to add activities, you must first add the relevant partner organisations in the Organisations section of the project. All participating organisations must hold a Quality Label and organisations hosting activities must hold a Quality Label for the host role.


For activities carried out under Call 2021, the following restrictions apply for organisations holding a Quality Label or Erasmus+ volunteering accreditation granted in the previous Multiannual Financial Framework (2014-2020):

Organisations holding a Quality Label for volunteering:
The Quality Label validity for these organisations is extended for the same role, until 31 December 2027. In specific cases the NAs may ask some Quality Label holders to submit new applications, under the new programme. If these organisations wish to change role or add another role, they are required to submit a new application for Quality Label. Those that intend to keep the same role but also wish to act as lead organisation under Volunteering Projects in the new programme are required to fill in the lead organisation section in the application form.

Organisations holding an Erasmus+ volunteering accreditation
These organisations were able to use their accreditation to take part in activities for the same role until 31 December 2021. They were required to apply for a Quality Label for the new programming period in order to participate as lead organisation under Volunteering Projects in the new programme. For activities carried out under Call 2021 but ending after 31 December 2021, or for activities carried out under Call 2022, these organisations are required to submit a new application for Quality Label.


Numbered Headings

Click on "Activities"

Click on Activities in the Content menu.

The activities screen opens, where you will see the list of activities as you add them to the project. At first the list is empty.

You will be able to view and add participations to each activity. Fore more details about participations, please see the page Participations in projects (ESC51-VTJ).

Click on Activities

Create an activity

Click on "Create"

Click on the Create button at the top of the screen. The activity details screen opens.

Click on Create

Fill in the activity details and "Save"

In the activity details screen fill in the required information. All fields are mandatory.

titleTake note

In the Host organisation legal name drop-down list you will only find those organisations that hold a valid Quality Label for the Host role.

Fill in the activity details and save


Activity locations

If the selected host organisation declared multiple locations in the Quality Label, those locations are listed at the bottom of the screen. Select all the applicable locations for the current activity (at least one), by moving the toggle button to the right for each location. 

Additional information on the locations of an organisation is available under Locations in projects (ESC51-VTJ).

Select activity locations

Once all the mandatory information is filled in, click the Save button in the bottom right corner of the screen. A success message is displayed and the newly created activity is now listed in the Activities list.

The activity is displayed in the list

Activity list

Basic details

The activities you create are displayed in this list.

Key details are displayed for each activity, including the activity Title, Activity type, the Host organisation legal name, and the number of participants.

You may have to use the horizontal scrollbar in the list to view all available information.

Activity list basic details

Select an activity to view or add participations

Each activity is preceded by the Select button (1). Click this button to view the number of associated participations (2) and/or to add participations to the selected activity (3).

Click on the right arrow (>) (4) to expand the list for more details about each participation. For full details on how to add and manage participations, please see the page Participations in projects (ESC51-VTJ).

Select an activity to view or add participations

View, edit or delete an activity

Click on the relevant icon next to each record in the list. From left to right:

  1. View: opens the activity details in read-only mode so you can view the full details.
  2. Edit: opens the activity screen in edit mode, allowing you to make changes. The Activity type and the Host organisation legal name cannot be modified
  3. Delete: allows you to remove the activity from the list. Only activities without participations can be deleted.


Once a participation has been associated to a certain activity, the activity can no longer be deleted. If you need to delete the activity, you must do the following:

  1. Remove all associated participations. The participants will not be deleted from the project, they will still be visible in the Participants list.
  2. Delete the current activity and create a new one with the correct details.
  3. Recreate the participations by adding the relevant participants one by one.

View, edit or delete an activity

Other list functionality

The following options are available in the Activities list.

  • Sorting by column: by clicking on a column header (1st click ascending, 2nd click descending, 3rd click off). An arrow indicating the current sort sequence is displayed next to the selected column header.

  • Browsing: use the browsing options below the list to change the display of items per page and/or the arrows to view more results.

  • Horizontal and vertical scroll bars (if applicable): move from left to right and top to bottom to view all data in the table.

Other list functionality

Expected Outcome

  • You have added activities to the project and can now add participations.

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