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Invited organisations are not participating organisations per se, as they are not included in the project contract. Invited organisations are only available in KA203 projects.

Such organisations send participants in the case of Learning, Teaching and Training activities of the type Invited teachers at higher education Intensive Study Programmes (SP-HE-IST) in KA203 projects.

This page provides information on these specific organisations in Mobility Tool+.

Relevant for...

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2017 onward

KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

KA203 - Strategic Partnerships for higher education

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Numbered Headings

Invited Organisations in the participating organisations list

Explanation and illustration

To access the participating organisations within a project, navigate to the Organisations tab in your project menu.

View organisations for the project

The list of participating organisations opens. Within the list of organisations in KA203, invited organisations will be visible once you have added them to the project. At first only the organisations that are part of the grant agreement are displayed in the list. 

List of participating organisations

To easily identify invited organisations within the list it is recommended to adjust your column display settings. To do this:

  1. Click the Add/Remove Columns icon.
  2. All possible column options will be displayed. Select the one stating Organisation of Invited Staff. 
  3. Click Done. 

Organisation of Invited Staff organisations added in your project will display a check in the Organisation of Invited Staff column. 

Add or remove columns

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Adding invited organisations to a project

Mobility Tool+ allows the project beneficiary and partners to add invited organisations for KA203 projects. When you create such an organisation in Mobility Tool+ it is immediately flagged as an Invited Organisation. This flag cannot be changed or removed.  

Invited organisations may or may not have an Organisation ID. If they do not have an Organisation ID, all mandatory fields (indicated in orange, stating Value required) must be filled in manually when creating the invited organisation's details.

To add an invited organisation.

  1. From the list of organisations, click on the +Create button.Click Create
  2. The Organisation Details window opens, consisting of two parts:
    1. Organisation Details
    2. Address and contact information
      View Organisation details 

3. Select if the organisation you want to add is an OID or Non-OID organisation.  

    1. Selecting OID Organisation will prefill the organisation details as available in the Organisation Registration system.
    2. Selecting Non-OID Organisation will require you to manually enter all mandatory data (fields having the orange flag "value required").OID or Non-OID organisationImage Modified

4. Enter the details that are missing (OID Organisation) or marked as mandatory (Non-OID Organisation).

5. The Save button becomes active after all mandatory information is provided. Click Save. Save the changes

The added organisation will be displayed in the list of organisations. 

Added organisation displayed in the list

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View Organisation Details

Clicking on the View icon in the list of organisations will open all details available for the specific organisation. The screen consists of three sections:

  1. Organisation Details and
  2. Address and contact information
  3. Contacts

All information in this screen is read only. Under the Contacts section you have a direct link to the contacts screen for the specific organisation.

View organisation details 

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Updating/Editing details for Invited Organisations

Explanation and illustration

A flag in the organisation view will indicate if the organisation is an Invited Organisation. Certain details for such organisations can be modified and most fields in the organisation details screen are editable. 

For OID organisations details such as the address, organisation name, etc. cannot be updated in Mobility Tool+. If such changes are required, the organisation details have to be updated in the Organisation Registration system first. 

To update organisation information:

  1. Click on the Edit icon in the list of organisations next to the invited organisation you wish to update.
  2. The Organisation Details window opens.
  3. Update the required information. Note: Some fields may be read-only (greyed out) and cannot be changed, depending if an OID or Non OID organisation was added.
  4. The Save button only becomes active if you have made changes. Once the updates are made, click the button. 

Edit details for invited organisation


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Delete an Invited Organisation

Explanation and illustration

Invited organisations are the only organisations in such projects that can be removed from the project by the beneficiary. 

Please note that if you want to delete an invited organisation from the project you must first delete it from the relevant Learning, Teaching and Training activity. An error message is displayed otherwise. 

YOu cannot delete an organisation involved in LTT activities

To remove an invited organisation from the project:

  1. In the organisations list, click the Delete icon next to the organisation you want to remove.
  2. Confirm the deletion by clicking DELETE in the confirmation pop-up. 

Remove an organisation from the project



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Contacts of Invited Organisations

Explanation and illustration

Contacts for invited organisations can also be added in Mobility Tool+ from the Contacts tab, using the +Create button. As opposed to contacts of participating organisations, these contacts will not have access to the project information in Mobility Tool+. This setting cannot be changed.

Contacts of invited organisations

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Invited Organisations in Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

Explanation and illustration

When entering the participant details for activities of type Invited teachers at higher education Intensive Study Programmes, the beneficiary must indicate the organisations sending invited teachers/experts as sending organisations. 

Ideally such invited organisations have already been indicated in the related web application form in the Learning, Teaching and Training Activities section.

View LTT activities

Details for participants in LTT Activities

Sending and receiving organisations

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Impact of Invited Organisations on the Beneficiary Report

Explanation and illustration

A KA203 Higher Education Final Beneficiary Report cannot be submitted if the project contains invited organisations that do not participate in any Learning, Teaching and Training activity of type Invited teachers at higher education Intensive Study Programmes (SP-HE-IST).

If this situation occurs, a warning message is displayed in the Reports tab when editing the report. To submit the report, the beneficiary must delete the invited organisation(s) not participating in any Learning, Teaching and Training Activities from the organisation list in Mobility Tool+. 

Impact of invited organisations on the beneficiary reportImage Modified

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