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Table of Contents

Applicant Guides

What is the topic about?

This page describes the process for prospective applicants when applying for an EU grant under the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programme.

Applicants can apply for a specific action using the Application Forms available from the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform and, in certain cases, on the website of the National Agencies

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Application Process explained

The Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform is the single entry point to the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes for the Multi-annual Financial Framework 2021-2027. It enables the applicant to submit applications for grants and accreditations for decentralised actions as well as manage the organisation details.

From the single entry point view the current open list of opportunities. Login via EU Login account, to register your organisation or manage its details and draft and submit your application form. Additional functionality will be available if your grant request is awarded.

Getting access

Before applications can be filled, the applicant must have an EU login. The EU Login Authentication Service (previously ECAS) is a single point for user authentication to a wide range of Commission information systems. It is the first step before registering as an organisation or individual when accessing certain IT Tools such as the Organisation Registration system.

Find or registering your Organisation

The organisation or individual needs to register only once in the Organisation Registration system. Once the registration is completed, the organisation/individual will obtain an Organisation ID.

The Organisation ID is a unique identifier and is necessary for the submission of applications. It enables the organisation/group to fill in the application forms in a simple manner (i.e. by inserting the Organisation ID in the form, all the information provided by the organisation/individual at registration stage will be automatically displayed in the form).

Prepare an application

For most actions of the programmes, applicants are required to submit their application online to the appropriate National Agency of their country, using the correct application form and including all requested annexes.

The application form must be completed in one of the official languages used in the Programme Countries. 

Important information

Before starting your application, please take note of the following information about Application Forms, to ensure successful submission.

  • Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk. They must be filled in before you are able to submit the form.
  • Once all mandatory fields and validation rules in a section are met, sections will be marked with a green check. Your actions in the form may also trigger certain warning messages. Read those notifications and messages carefully and, in the case of warning messages, make the appropriate corrections. 

  • The Checklist section of the application form will help you double-check if your application is ready for submission. 
  • The form is automatically saved as you fill it in. After closing the form, you can find it again by returning to My Applications via the main menu.

Submit your application

Once the form has been completed, click Submit to send it.

You will be able to reopen and resubmit the form until the submission deadline has expired. You can reopen the form from the My Applications tab on the homepage.

What happens after the submission?

All applications received by the National Agencies undergo an evaluation procedure. Project proposals are assessed by the Agency receiving the application, exclusively on the basis of the criteria described.

At the end of the evaluation procedure, the National Agency decides on the projects to be granted. Once the selection process is complete, the National Agency will contact the organisation or individual in regards to the outcome of the selection process.

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