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OEET is a web-based application used by experts to record evaluations of proposals and project reports assigned by NAs, DG EAC or EACEA. 

This page explains the basic functionalities of OEET Assessment Tool

Numbered Headings

General information


OEET is designed to work with all available web browsers.

However, the OEET Assessment tool does not support a multi assessment approach using multiple tabs in the same browser. To work on multiple assessments at the same time, you must use different browsers.

If you open a second assessment in the same browser and try to change from one assessment to the other, the system will display the following error message: You cannot open multiple assessments in the same browser. Please open required Assessment file again to continue.

If you try to perform this operation, all data not saved will be lost. Ensure that you work in only one assessment at a time with the same browser.

Project List

After logging on to OEET, the project list opens. The following elements are available:

  1. List of programmes assigned to you.
  2. Language selection: Drop-down; Select EN, FR or DE.
  3. Show projects per page: Drop-down; Default setting is 50.
  4. List navigation buttons.
  5. Sort functionality to sort displayed projects per specific columns.
  6. Search: Search as you type; Free text field. You can search for example by Round Id, Agency Name, Programme and more.
  7. Assessment List buttons: Open list of projects allocated to you for assessment.
  8. Logout button: Will log you out of the tool. Alternatively, simply close the browser tab or the whole browser to end the online session.

If you only see the header and no projects in the list, no projects have been assigned to you. Contact the programme team that engaged you.

OEET Project List

Using the Search filters, the list of displayed projects is changed to show only those that match your search criteria. In the example below, Round ID 2722 was entered in the search box. One result is displayed in the list.

OEET Search

List of allocated projects

After clicking the Assessment List button, the list of allocated projects for assessment opens. It offers the same/similar functionalities as the project list.

In this list you have following columns available:

  • Type: Displays role assigned for evaluation of project. Options available are: Expert, Consolidator, Editor, Approval.
  • Project Reference
  • Beneficiary: Displays the name of the beneficiary organisation.
  • Assigned Projects
  • Decision: Displays Decision rating of the assessment
  • Organisation: Organisation which assigned the project
  • Submission Date: Date and time of assessment submission. Empty until assessment submission.

List of allocated projects

Depending on the task assigned, you might find rows highlighted in green or yellow. Those colours indicate projects waiting for consolidation and/or approval.

Details on those can be found under OEET Expert Approval and OEET Expert Consolidation.

Projects waiting for consolidation or approval

Assessment functionalities

After clicking the Assess button in the list of allocated projects, the assessment screen opens. It opens by default on the GENERAL section of the assessment.

Section menu / Section navigation

You will find the Section Menu on the left side of the screen. Use it to navigate between the different parts of the assessment. The active section is highlighted in yellow.

Clicking on Project List will bring you back to the list.

Section menu and navigation

Breadcrumb navigation

You can also return to the project list or return to the list of programmes or the assessment list using the breadcrumb navigation trail.

titleTake note

If you use the breadcrumb trail to navigate away from an assessment that you are working on you will lose any unsaved data. Therefore only use the breadcrumb trail when you have finished working on an assessment and saved all data or after you have just submitted an assessment.

Breadcrumb navigation

Download documents

Any documents attached to the project to be assessed can be downloaded. In the relevant section use the Download button.

Download documents

Save options

Use the Save button at the bottom of each section regularly to avoid loss of data.

Save options

Clicking on Project List in the section menu invokes an automatic save of the assessment in progress.


Print option

You can print your assessment at any time, even before submission, using the Print button which is displayed throughout the form.

Depending on your browser settings, the assessment either opens in PDF format in a tab or pops up in a new window in your PDF viewer. Once printed (or saved), you can close the browser tab or the PDF window that popped up.

Print option

Print option

Previous / Next

You can also use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of each section to either access the previous or next section of the assessment.

Previous or Next

Maximum amount of text

The text you enter in comments fields is counted in bytes rather than characters. In most cases, 1 character equals 1 byte (this includes spaces), but special characters such as those bearing accents can take up more than 1 byte.

The maximum amount of characters is displayed under the relevant text fields. It counts down automatically, once text is entered.

Maximum amount of text

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