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This page describes the management of participating organisations for European Solidarity Corps projects in Mobility Tool+.

The Organisations tab in Mobility Tool+ is where the project participating organisations are managed. The Applicant organisation is transferred automatically from the National Agency project management system once the project is created in Mobility Tool+. However, subsequent creation of participating or partner organisations must be done and maintained in Mobility Tool+ manually.

Organisations participating as partners in European Solidarity Corps projects need an OID (referred to as Organisation ID in the web application forms) in order to be added in Mobility Tool+. Only in ESC21 - Traineeships and Jobs projects it is possible to add organisations not having an OID.

As a general rule, participating organisations must be established in a participating or partner country as per the European Solidarity Corps Guide.

Relevant for...

titleClick here to expand to see the table below indicating the Call Year(s) and Action(s) where the following wiki page is relevant.
Call YearProgrammeAction
2018 onwardEuropean Solidarity Corps

ESC11 - Volunteering Projects

ESC13 - Volunteering Partnerships Annual

ESC21 - Traineeships and Jobs

ESC31 - Solidarity Projects

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Numbered Headings

The list of organisations

Open your project and click on the Organisations tab. The list of Organisations will appear. 

General information on the list functionalities in Mobility Tool+ is available under MT+ List functionality.

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View organisation details

You can view all organisation details via the View icon next to it in the list of organisations.

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The Organisation Details window appears. The following information is available:

  • Organisation Details - displays general information on the organisation such as the organisation name
  • Address and contact Information - displays general information on the organisation such as the address and telephone number
  • Accreditation - displays all valid accreditations for the organisation
  • Quality Labels - displays all valid quality labels for the organisation, including scope, role and validity
  • Quality Label activities - displays activities already defined in the Quality Label application, if applicable
  • Locations - displays additional locations defined in the Quality Label application, if applicable
  • Contacts - brings you to the contacts page for this organisation in Mobility Tool+.

All information in this view is read-only and cannot be changed.

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Partner organisations in the organisation list

Partner organisations for the project have to be created in Mobility Tool+, even if they were already indicated in the application form. This can be done via the +Create button, if the project is in Follow up or Processing status.

As a general rule, Partner organisations need to have an OID to be added to the project in Mobility Tool+.  Partner organisations in Mobility Tool+ will be clearly marked as such in the list.

titleTake note

For ESC21 - Traineeship and Job Projects it is possible to add organisations with or without an OID.

For ESC31 - Solidarity Projects no partner organisations can be added.

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Editing Partner organisation details

It is possible to update organisation details for Partner organisations in Mobility Tool+ by clicking on the edit icon.

titleTake note

Organisation details for the beneficiary organisation cannot be updated in Mobility Tool+, no edit icon is available in the list. If changes in the beneficiary organisation details are required, they must be made in the Organisation Registration system. 

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  1. When you click on the Edit icon, the Organisation Details window appears with certain editable fields. All greyed out fields cannot be changed.
  2. Only information that is not registered in the Organisation Registration system can be changed. The editable fields are:
    • OID is editable when the project status is Follow-up or Processing.
    • Organisation ID - can be changed but must be unique within the project. 
    • Number of employees below 250? drop-down: If there was a change in the amount of employees within the organisation (below 250), this can be updated using the drop-down in the Number of employees below 250? field.
    • Acronym - Free text field.
    • Department - Free text field.
    • Organisation Comments - Free text field.
  3. The fields displaying the information as registered in the Organisation Registration system are greyed out and cannot be changed in Mobility Tool+. 
  4. The Check OID button can be used to retrieve the latest information on the organisation as available in the Organisation Registration system. 
  5. The Save button becomes active if any changes were made for the organisation.

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Deleting a participating organisation

To delete an organisation:

  1. Click the delete or bin icon
  2. Confirm the deletion

titleTake note

The beneficiary organisation can never be removed.

Partner organisations can be removed. However if there are associations between activities and participants for this organisation because it was referenced as a supporting or host organisation, deletion is not possible until the affected associations are either removed or assigned to different participating organisations.

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Changed organisation details

If a project contains an organisation that requires an update, a warning icon is displayed in the Changed organisation details column if you have added this column to your list view. It indicates that organisation information has been updated in the National Agency project management system and/or in the Organisation Registration system, but not yet in Mobility Tool+. 

For further details about how to handle such organisations, please see MT+ Update OID or confirm changed organisation details.

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