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titleRegister your Organisation


Call for Proposals - Grants
Register your organisation to apply for a Grant from the European Commission for EU external actions.
Tender Submissions - Service Contracts

Please note that all the Contractors for the current Framework Contracts SIEA 2018, AUDIT 2018, PSF 2019, EVA 2020and , EVENTS 2020 and EOM 2021, have already been registered. So presently, no further registration is required for these Framework Contracts.

The registration procedure will be updated for future Framework Contracts, and the procedure will be communicated herein when available.

For all other tenders (public procurement procedures) - The registration and candidature procedures are specified per relevant publication on the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal - Search for Funding and Tenders.

For the online documentation on the registration of your organisation, please view Participant Registration and User Roles.

To manage your organisation information, please view Manage My Area.

View the Contracts and Procurement online documentation for all information concerning requests/invitations to participate in a call for tender, management of submissions and contracts, etc.

Entrusted Entity - Contribution Agreements

Register your organisation as entrusted entity for Contribution Agreements with the European Commission for EU external actions.

View the Contribution Agreements for online documentation concerning the registration and validation of your organisation, and the signature and management of your contracts.