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Research and innovation

The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation is the EU's main instrument for research funding in Europe. The programme is proposed by the European Commission and adopted by the Council and the European Parliament following co-decision procedure.

In this space you can find information about pollinator-relevant projects supported by the past and current programmes:

Horizon Europe [2021-2027]

HORIZON 2020 [2014-2020]

FP6 & FP7 [2002-2006, 2007-2013]

What are the population trends of pollinator species? What is the magnitude of pressures  on pollinators?

While the current knowledge clearly demonstrates an alarming decline of pollinators and warrants immediate action, there are still significant data gaps that prevent effective conservation actions. In addition to existing processes (for example, reporting under the Habitats Directive), a number of monitoring initiatives aim to fill gaps on the abundance and diversity of pollinator species, as well as on key pressures such as the loss/degradation of habitats, pesticides and other pollutants. For more information, please visit the monitoring page.