This page explains how to add or edit information regarding participants in ESC30 - Solidarity Projects in Beneficiary module. Only associated persons with edit rights in the project can manage the participants while the project is in status Project ongoing.

Projects carried out under ESC30-SOL - Solidarity Projects key action must include at least five (5) participants of type Young person. Accompanying persons cannot be added. All participants to the project must be legal residents in the country of the beneficiary organisation and must have first registered in the European Solidarity Corps Portal to obtain a Participant Registration Number (PRN), a unique identification number made up of 10 or 14 digits.

This page is relevant for:

  • European Solidarity Corps, Call 2021 onward
    • ESC30 - Solidarity Projects


1. Click on "Participants" in the Content menu

In your project, click on the Participants tab in the Content menu.

The Participants screen is displayed, where you will see the list of participants, as you add them to the project. The number of participants is also displayed next to the title. At first, the list is emptySee the page List functionality in projects for additional information on the list functionalities, such as Search, Filters and the Bulk Actions.

The Participants screen

2. Add a participant

2.1. Click the "Create" button

Click the Create button at the top of the list to open the Participant screen. 

Add a new participant

2.2. Type the PRN to retrieve the participant's information

Except for the PRN field, all the other fields are greyed out. Enter the participant's PRN, then click elsewhere on the screen, to retrieve their personal information from the European Youth Portal. All the fields are automatically filled in and greyed out, as information coming from the European Youth Portal cannot be modified in the Beneficiary module. 

2.3. "Participant with fewer opportunities" flag

If necessary, select the option to indicate that the person is a Participant with fewer opportunities.

2.4. "Participant Report" section

Initially, when adding a participant, the section is empty. 

Participants in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects may be asked to provide feedback on their experience by filling in a Participant report

Automatic e-mails are sent to participants with an invitation to fill in and submit this report in EU Survey, to share their feedback on the experience as a participant in a Mobility activity for Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps programmes.

The participant receives an e-mail with a dedicated link to the individual participant report which needs to be done online, in EU Survey, and is available in various languages. The link received by the participant will not expire. 

The participant can save the report and submit it. After submission, the participant may download a PDF version of their feedback, but they cannot edit the form again.

In Beneficiary module, when adding, updating or viewing, for example, mobility activities or participations, the Participant Report section may be available.

From here it is possible to monitor an individual participant report and check the relevant information from the moment the initial invitation to complete the report was sent to the participant. It is also possible to send reminders to participants to complete the report. 

As the invitation e-mail for the participant report is sent only at specific dates in relation to the mobility activity, you will find the Participant Report section initially empty. The participant report request will not be sent out if the mobility activity is in Draft status, meaning not completed, in your project.

Example of Participant Report section where the initial email notification was sent

See the page Manage participant reports in projects for detailed information. 

2.5. Click on "Save"

Click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen, to retain the participant. A success message is briefly displayed at the bottom of the screen, the participant's details are saved, and you are redirected to the Participants list.

Add a new participant

2.6. Participant added to the project

The participant record has now been added to the list. Once items are added to the list, the following icons become available under the Actions column:

  1. Delete - click on this icon in line with the item you wish to delete, and follow the onscreen instructions.
  2. View - click on this icon to open the details of the selected item in read-only mode. All fields are greyed out and you will not be able to change any details.
  3. Edit - open the details of the selected item in edit mode. Make the desired changes, then click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save the updated information. 

The participant is added to the list

3. Manage participants

3.1. Edit the participant's details

As the participant data is retrieved from the European Youth Portal, only the Participant with fewer opportunities flag can be selected/de-selected when editing a participant. 

Update the participants' details

3.2. Delete a participant

Take note

Participants in ESC30-SOL - Solidarity Projects can only be deleted one by one and not via the Bulk actions.

Click on delete (bin icon) to remove the participant from the list:

Remove a participant from the list

Confirm your action in the dialog box:
Confirm the removal of the participant from the list