Economic Operators shall use the Company Identifier to uniquely identify themselves to other parties (Sellers/Buyers) and to UDB to ensure consistency across all schemes.

The format should include the below (two) fields as a mandatory requirement.

  1. Identifier Type.
    • Example: AT_FB_CD
  2. Nation Trader register Value as applicable with respective Trade registers/ Tax identifiers used by respective national registries.  
    • Example: 30710242697 (exclude special characters, spaces etc.) for/instead of 30-71024269-7

Full format example: AT_FB_CD79063w3

With the below list (see attachement), we hope to cover most of the economic operators. If there are countries to be included, please comment below & they will be included progressively.

legend :

  • X -  a letter 
  • 9 -  a number 
  • A - an alpha numeric character

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