Economic Operator shall use the Company Identifier to uniquely identify themselves to other parties (Sellers/Buyers) and to UDB to ensure consistency across all schemes.

The format should include both the fields as mandatory requirement.

  1. Identifier Type.
    • Example: AT_FB_CD
  2. Nation Trader register Value as applicable with respective Trade registers/ Tax identifiers used by respective national registries.  
    • Example: 30710242697 (exclude special characters, spaces etc.) for/instead of 30-71024269-7

Full format example: AT_FB_CD79063w3

With the below list, we hope to cover most of the economic operators. If there are countries to be included, please comment below & they will be included progressively.

legend :

  • X -  a letter 
  • 9 -  a number 
  • A - an alpha numeric character

Below information is available in distributable excel format for re-sharing by Voluntary schemes to respective EOs.

Instructions on how to create an excel file based on the table shown below :  By clicking on the filter option on the right side of the table , you should be able to see the menu with an option to export to CSV format.

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Below information is available in distributable excel format for re-sharing by Voluntary schemes to respective EOs.

Identifier type
(item to be reported, together with the corresponding identifier value)

<expected by UDB>

National Trade register Value

<expected by UDB>

Informational use

(always report first available applicable identifier)
Applicable to counterparties resident inCountry ISO codeIdentifier name
(in the relevant country, if applicable)
Short name
(if applicable)
DescriptionReporting format: description

illustrative example(s)
(typical string length and composition, including possible special characters)

Applies toSource
( to external website providing the list of identifiers)


NUISEach business is assigned a Numri i Identifikimit për Personin e Tatueshëm (NIPT) aka a NUIS code NUIS code which consists of two letters, one at the beginning and one at the end, and 8 numbers from 0 to 9 in the middle.L39308501E

AL_TIN_CDX99999999X2AlbaniaALTax Identification NumberTIN
1 letter + 8 digits + 1 letter



1AlgeriaDZTax Identification NumberTIN
15 or 20 characters
Legal & Natural
AD_NRT_CDX999999X1AndorraADTax Register NumberNRTthe NRT is the Número d’Identificació Administrativa
(Administrative Identification Number, NIA),
1 Letter to identify natural person or entities + 6 digits + 1 control letterA-123456-Z
AR_CUIT_CD999999999991Argentina ARArgentina Unique Tax Identification Key (CUIT/CUIL)CUITTax Identification Number11-digit number formatted as NN-NNNNNNNN-N (the first 2 digits indicate the type of person: 20 for men; 27 for women; 23, 24, 25 or 26 for both (in case there is an identical CUIT), and 30 or 33 for legal persons, the next 8 digits are: in the case of individuals, the ID (DNI) number; and in case of legal persons, it is assigned by the AFIP, the last digit is randomly assigned)30-71024269-7All entities subject to taxationWebsite:
Third party resources:: OECD document:
AM_SRALE_CD99999999991ArmeniaAMState Register Agency of Legal Entities SRALE
10 digits16.110.00666

AU_ABN_CD999999999991AustraliaAUAustralia Business Number
Business Registration Number2-digit + " " + 3-digit + " " + 3-digit + " " + 3-digit 34 072 814 058Incorporated entitiesWebsite:
Third party resources: OECD document:
AU_ACN_CD9999999992AustraliaAUAustralia Company Number
Business Registration Number3-digit + " " + 3-digit + " " + 3-digit150 217 299Incorporated entitiesWebsite:
Third party resources: OECD document:
AU_ARN_CD9999999999993AustraliaAUATO Reference numberARNAustralian Taxation Office Reference Number11 digits1E+12

AT_FB_CD999999X ( Head : up to 7 characters) or
999999X999 (Branch : up to 10 characters)
1AustriaATFirmenbuchnummerFB-Nr.National business register identifierFor head offices up to 7 characters: up to 6 digits + last character is a letter (not case sensitive); In case of registered branches: Up to 10 characters: up to 6 digits + 1 letter (not case sensitive) + up to 3 digits79063w (= Head)
79063w3 (=branch)
Incorporated entitiesIssued by the Austrian business register:
AT_KUR_CDAAAAAAAA (alpha numeric)2AustriaATbusiness registration number (KUR)KURKennzahl Unternehmensregister / Kennziffer im Unternehmensregisterxxxxxxxxx
legal entity under public law 
AT_VAT_CDATU999999993AustriaATEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number9 characters, the first character is always a ‘U’ATU12345678

AZ_TIN_CD9999999991AzerbaijanAZTax Identification NumberTIN
9 digit
BH_CRN_CD99999991BahrainBHCommercial registration numberCRN
7 digit code
BD_BIN_CD99999999999991BangladeshBDBusiness Identification numberBIN
13 digit
1BelarusBYTaxpayer Account numberTAN
UNP 200988541 is a legal entity from the Brest region.
UNP MA1953684 - an individual from the Mogilev region.

Legal & Natural
BE_OND_CD99999999991BelgiumBENuméro d'entreprise / Ondernemingsnummer / Unternehmensnummer
Unique identification number assigned to all legal entities, institutional units  and self-employed persons in Belgium which is used to identify them for all possible transactions, applications, administrative formalities (including taxation), exchanges of information among administration units, ...   10-digit number (last 2 digits are a check number)0203201340All legal entities, institutional units  and self-employed persons in Belgium
BE_VAT_CDBE09999999992BelgiumBEEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT numberPrefix with zero ‘0’ if the customer provides a 9 digit VAT numberBE0123456789

BZ_TIN_CD9999991BelizeBZTax Identification NumberTIN
6 digits
Legal & Natural
BJ_IFU_CD99999999999991BeninBJIdentifiant Fiscal UniqueIFU
13 digit




1BoliviaBONúmero de Identificación TributariaNIT
9,10 or 12 digit
Legal & Natural
1Bosnia & HerzegovinaBATax Identification NumberTIN
12/ 13 digits for individuals
4/5/6/7/10/12/13 digits for entities

BR_CNPJ_CD999999999999991BrazilBRCadastro Nacional da Pessoa JurídicaCNPJIdentification number14-digit number formatted as NN.NNN.NNN/AAAA-CC (the first 8 digits identify the company, the 4 digits after the / identify the branch or subsidiary, the last 2 are check digits)21.325.097/2156-88All entities (including companies, partnerships and foundations) of relevance for the tax administration.OECD document: Brazilian govt website:
BR_CPF_CD999999999992BrazilBRBrazilian CPF numberCPFBrazilian CPF number

9999999999999 (branch)
1BulgariaBGЕдинен идентификационен код (по БУЛСТАТ)ЕИК по БУЛСТАТBULSTAT register number9-digit or 10-digit number or (for a branch) 13-digit number999999999, 9999999999, 9999999999999 (branch)According to art. 3 (1) of the BULSTAT Register Act branches and subsidiaries of legal persons who are not traders as well as commercial representative offices of foreign persons under Art. 24 of the Investment Promotion Act are entered and are assigned with BULSTAT UIC.
For example: Central and Local Government units, SSFs, NFCs (partnerships without independent legal status), NPISH, IFs, sole proprietors (individuals, exercising free lance profession or craft activity), etc.
9999999999999 (branch)
2BulgariaBGЕдинен (Персонален) идентификационен кодЕИКUnified Identification Code (Commercial register code)9-digit number or (for a branch) 13-digit number999999999, 9999999999999 (branch)According to art. 23 (1) of the Commercial Register Act, the Registry agency shall determine UIC, obligatory for the traders and their branches, as well as for the branches of the foreign traders entered in the commercial register.
For example: Credit instutions, Other financial intermediaries (FVCs, Leasing companies, Companies, engaged in lending, Credit union cooperatives and others), Financial auxiliaries (Payment system relative institutions, Bulgarian Stock exchange, Insurance brokers and others), ICPFs, NFCs, sole proprietors, etc.




3BulgariaBGEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number The Bulgarian VAT ID consisted of 12 digits (BG + 10 digits) for these individuals and is now replaced by an 11 digit VAT ID (BG + 9 digits). The VAT IDs to be replaced will have an end date of 03-01-2022. The new VAT IDs have a start date of 04-01-2022. 




1Burkina FasoBF

KH_RN_CD999999991CambodiaKHRegistration NumberRNE
8 digit
KH_TIN_CDX0099999999992CambodiaKHTax Identification NumberTIN
1 character followed by 009-999999999
Legal & Natural
CA_BN_CD9999999991CanadaCABusiness Number / Federal Tax ID
Tax code9-digit number167251986You only need a BN if you need one or more program accounts. In most cases, you register for a program account to participate in a program. You may need to participate in a program to meet your tax obligations. The most common program accounts a business will need are GST/HST, payroll deductions, corporation income tax, and import-export. OECD document: Govt website:
CA_GST_CD999999999XX99992CanadaCACanadian GST/HST numberGST
15 characters 123456789RT0002

CA_PSTBC_CDXXX999999993CanadaCACanadian PST number (British Columbia)PST
11 characters PST-1234-5678

CA_PSTMB_CD99999994CanadaCACanadian PST number (Manitoba)PST
7-digit number123456-7

CA_PSTSK_CD99999995CanadaCACanadian PST number (Saskatchewan)PST
7-digit number1234567

CA_QST_CD9999999999XX99996CanadaCACanadian QST number (Québec)QST
16 characters 1234567890TQ1234

1ChileCLRol Único TributarioRUT
A RUT has 7 or 8 digits, plus a check digit.
Legal & Natural
CL_TIN_CD999999999XX2ChileCLChilean TINTIN
16 characters 12.345.678-K

CN_CC_CD999999999999999999 or 99999999XX999999XX1ChinaCNCredibility Code, or USCN code
Tax identification number

18-character string with letters and numbers

 (it could be only digits)

1,67252E+17All businesses
CO_RUES_CD999999999 or  99999999991ColombiaCOThe Unified Commercial and Social Registry (RUES)RUESThe Unified Commercial and Social Registry (RUES) integrates multiple commercial registries, including the NIT (Número de Identificación Tributaria) which can be used as the unique identifier. 9 or 10 digits


1Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)CDBusiness Entity Registration NumberBRNRegistre de Commerce et Credit MobillierISO code, followed by region, followed by RCCM, followed by 2 digits-1 alphabet-4 to 6 digits




1Congo (the)CGBusiness Registration NumberBRN

CGPN R999 999X 9999 999

1Costa RicaCRTax Identification NumberTINAccording to article 22 of Regulation of Tax Procedures, any natural, legal and individual entities
without legal personality that develop a lucrative economic activity must register to the Tax
Administration. The mentioned registration process with the Tax Administration is performed
- Physical identification number, in the case of domestic natural persons.
- Corporate identification number, in case of legal persons.
- In the case of foreign natural persons, registration is done with the “Immigration Identification
Document for Foreigners”, called DIMEX. This document is issued by the General Directorate of
- In the case of individual entities without legal personality or foreign natural persons without
DIMEX, the Tax Administration gives a “Special tax identification number”, called NITE.
up to 12 digitsX – XXXX – XXXX
Legal & Natural
1CroatiaHRMatični broj subjekta trgovačkog sudaMBSTrade register number9-digit number; first digit always 0 or 180020970All entities registered in the trade register
HR_VAT_CDHR999999999992CroatiaHREuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number11 charactersHR12345678912

CY_DRCOR_CDX99999999 (capital C, O, or P, followed by a number  up to 8 digits)1CyprusCYΑριθμός Εγγραφής στο Τμήμα Εφόρου Εταιρειών και Επίσημου Παραλήπτη ΑΡ. ΕΓΓΡΑΦΗΣRegistration number given by the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official ReceiverCapital C, O, or P, followed by a number from 1 up to 8 digits.C273730All legal entities registered in the official companies registrar
CY_VAT_CDCY99999999X2CyprusCYEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number9 digits, last character is always a letterCY12345678Z

CZ_ICO_CD999999991Czech RepublicCZIdentifikační číslo osobyICOCZ Business register code8-digit number; in case the number has less than 8 digits, it should be completed by zeros placed at the beginning. Letters or special characters are not allowed6947All legal entitiesIn the Czech Republic, there are two possible sources: Business Register:
Register provided by Czech Statistical office:






2Czech RepublicCZEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT numberEight digits


Nine digits


Ten digits

(If more than 10 characters are provided delete the first 3)

CZ 12345678


CZ 123456789


CZ 1234567890
ID used for identification of legal entities in the Danish Central business register. 8-digit number22756214All legal entities, incl. sole proprietors and government entities (S.11, S.12, S.13, S.141 and S.15)
DK_VAT_CDDK999999992DenmarkDKEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number8 digitsDK12345678

1Dominion RepublicDORegistro Nacional de ContribuyentsRNCLegal People: 11 digits without hyphen. Format for printing on receipts: 3 digits, 1 dash, 7 digits, 1 dash, 1 check sum digit like 031-0313993-2 Companies: 9 digits without hyphen. First digit must be (1, 4, 5), format for printing on receipts: 1 digit, 1 dash, 2 digits, 1 dash, 5 digits, 1 dash, 1 check sum digit like 1-30-00245-811 or 9 digits
Legal & Natural
EC_RUC_CD99999999999991EcuadorECUnique Taxpayer identifierRUCTo carry out economic activity in Ecuador, an organisation must have a unique taxpayer identifier (RUC). Both individuals and organisations may hold a taxpayer identifier.13 digit1,79003E+12Legal & Natural
EG_TIN_CD9999999991EgyptEGTax registration numberTIN
9 digit codeXXX-XXX-XXX

EE_RG_CD999999991EstoniaEEÄriregistri koodrg-koodCommercial registry code for state and local government agencies, NFCs, ICs, Investment Funds Founded as Public Limited Company, OFIs (Fund Management Companies, Leasing Companies etc) and non-profit institutions serving households.8-digit number10005211State and local government agencies, NFCs, ICs, Investment Funds Founded as Public Limited Company, OFIs (Fund Management Companies, Leasing Companies etc) and non-profit institutions serving households.
EE_VAT_CDEE9999999992EstoniaEEEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number9 digitsEE123456789

ET_TIN_CD99999999991EthiopiaETTax Identification Number

10 Digit

FI_Y_CD999999991FinlandFIYritys- ja yhteisötunnus / Y-tunnusY-tunnusThe Business ID (Business Identity Code) is a code given to businesses and organisations by the PRH (Finnish Patent and Registration Office) or the Tax Administration.8-digit number; last digit can be preceded by a "-" (optional)01120389, 0112038-9All entities
FI_VAT_CDFI999999992FinlandFIEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number8 digitsFI12345678

FR_SIREN_CD9999999991FranceFRCode SIRENSIRENIdentification number assigned by INSEE to every company with activities in French territory. It can be checked with an algorithm. The SIREN number is also part of the intracommunity VAT code which is composed of: FR (for France) + 99 (a validation key, calculated with an algorithm) + 9-digit SIREN Code9-digit number542051180All legal entities who are moral persons in France and sole proprietorship. The latter are only physical persons in France and not covered by the AnaCredit reporting.








2FranceFREuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT numberEleven digits


Ten digits and one letter


Nine digits and two letters

(May include 1 or 2 letters :- either FIRST, SECOND or FIRST & SECOND.

All letters except O and I are valid.)

FR 12345678901


FR X2345678901


FR 1X345678901


FR XX345678901


GabonGATax Identification Number

GE_IC_CD9999999991GeorgiaGEIdentification codeIC
9 digit233105449

GE_VAT_CD9999999992GeorgiaGEGeorgian VATVATGeorgian VAT9 digit123456789

(the structure contains three parts:
1.  G(n|N)R) or HRA or  HRB or PR  or  VR
2. 1-6  digits plus 0-5 capital letters
3. 1 capital letter plus 4 digits)
1GermanyDE`- Genossenschaftsregister,
- Handelsregister Abteilung A,
- Handelsregister Abteilung B,
- Partnerschaftsregister,
- Vereinsregister
`- Cooperative register number - Register number for cooperatives,
- Trade register number A - Trade register number for specific business partnerships ("Personenhandelsgesellschaften"),
- Trade register number B - Trade register number for capital companies,
- Partnership register number - Register number for partnerships,
- Association register number - Register number for associations
Length can vary, but structure is fixed:
(G(n|N)R)|(HRA)|(HRB)|(PR)|(VR)[RegisterNummer(1 - 6 numerical digits plus 0-5 capital letters)]-[XJustiz-ID-Code]
GnR3034LA-D4102 or GNR3034LA-D4102,
`- (G(n|N)R) legal form DE301
- HRA legal forms DE102, DE103, DE108, DE110, DE211, DE104 and DE502
- HRB legal forms DE109, DE210, DE202, DE205, DE206, DE207, DE401 and EU100 if country=DE
- PR legal form DE105
- VR legal form DE602 
DE_VAT_CDDE9999999992GermanyDEEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number9 digitsDE123456789

DE_TIN_CD99999999999993GermanyDETax identification number
The tax identification number is issued by the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) for natural persons.Tax identification number usually have only digits (10 to 13 digits, depending on the federal state). In many cases, slashes are also included, such as 012/345/6789.012/345/6789
VAT Identification Number | Munich Chamber of Commerce and Industry (


99999999999995EU-wide IACS-numberDEEU-wide IACS-numberIACS-number 
  • First two digits for the federal state
  • Third to eight digit random number each between 0 and 9
  • Last 4 digits decide about the classification within the IACS-nomencalture
  • In relation to the IACS-nomenclature/grouping as a service provider (1717) there is a “/” with an additional number attached to indicate the individual user
13 digits
  • 01 199 000 0001
  • 01 199 000 0031
  • 01 199 000 1717 / 1
  • 01 199 000 1717 / 9
1GhanaGHTax Identification NumberTIN
The GRA TIN is an 11-digit alpha-numeric number
From 1st April, 2021 the 15- character Ghanacard Personal Identification Number, (Ghanacard PIN)
issued by the National Identification Authority (NIA), became the TIN for individuals who are eligible
for the Ghana card.


Legal & Natural
GI_IN_CD9999991GibraltarGIIncorporation NumberIN
6 digits

GR_AFM_CD9999999991GreeceGRArithmós Forologikou Mitroou A-Fi-Mi  Αριθμός Φορολογικού Μητρώου Α.Φ.Μ.AFMTax Registration number9-digit number940498654All legal entities except for specific ship-owning companies, investment funds and a few other special cases.
GR_VAT_CDEL9999999992GreeceGREuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number9 digitsEL012345678

GT_NIT_CD999999991GuatemalaGTThe Número de Identificación TributariaNIT
8 digits7555605-7

1GuernseyGGTax Identification NumberTIN
6 digitsGY999999 or
Legal & Natural
HN_RTN_CD999999999999991HondurasHNRegistro Tributario Nacional Numérico RTN
14 digits

1Hong KongHKCorporate Registry NumberCR-No.Corporate Registry Number7-digit number or 1 upercase letter + 7-digit number2153177 or F0002646Entities
HK_BRN_CD999999992Hong KongHKHong Kong BR numberBRNHong Kong BR number8 digit12345678
or X99999999A
3Hong KongHKBusiness registerBR
10 or  11 characters

Trade register number2-digit number + "-" + 2-digit number + "-" + 6-digit number01-17-000705Any entity which, under Hungarian law, can acquire legal rights and obligations; excluding in particular natural persons not conducting business
HU_VAT_CDHU99999999 2HungaryHUEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number8 digitsHU12345678

HU_TIN_CD9999999999 or 999999999993HungaryHUHungary tax number (adószám)TINHungary tax number (adószám)10 or 11 digits


TIN for individuals:


1 block of 10 digits, where:
digit 1 is always an 8 and
indicates that the TIN holder is an
digits 2-6 are the number of days
between the date
01/01/1867 and the date of birth
of the individual;
digits 7-9 is the number generated
by chance to differentiate
individuals born on the same day;
digit 10 is the check digit

TIN for entities and certain individuals  form: xxxxxxxx-y-zz.

  • The first 8 digits are a serial number;
  • The ninth digit defines the VAT status: 1 is a VAT-free company, 2 is a normal VAT paying company, 4 and 5 are group taxpayers;
  • The last digits show where the company belongs within NAV: a territorial directorate or any of the special boards.

IS_TIN_CD99999999991IcelandISIcelandic Identification NumberTIN
10 digits
IS_VAT_CD9999992IcelandISIcelandic VATVATIcelandic VAT6 digits123456

IN_CIN_CDX99999XX9999XXX999999 (21-character string with letters and numbers)1IndiaINCorporate identity numberCINIdentification number21-character string with letters and numbersL28920MH1945PLC004520Legal entities Search tool:
IN_GST_CD99XXXXX9999XXXX2IndiaINIndian GST numberGSTIndian GST number15 characters12ABCDE3456FGZH

ID_NIB_CD99999999999991IndonesiaIDNomor Induk BerusahaNIBA Business Identification Number or Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB) is a number required to start a business in Indonesia. NIB is issued by the OSS system managed by the Ministry of Investment/Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)13 digit

ID_NPWP_CD999999999999999 or 99999999999999992IndonesiaID

Indonesian NPWP number

Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak

NPWPThe Tax Identification Number (TIN) is known in Indonesia as Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP) and is issued by the Directorate General of Taxes to individuals and entitiesThe 16-digit NPWP is the individual taxpayer’s national identity number (Nomor Induk
Kependudukan/NIK) issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.
▪ The previous 15-digit NPWP format is valid until 31 December 2023.
IR_BRN_CD999999(a two to six digits)1Iran (Islamic Republic of)IRBusiness Registration NumberBRN

a two to six digits

IR_VAT_CDIR999999999999992Iran (Islamic Republic of)IRVAT number VATVAT number 

typically "IR" followed by 14 digits

IQ_CRO_CD999999 or 99999991IraqIQCompany Registration Office numberCROCompany registration numberUp to 7-digit number

IE_CRO_CD9999999 (up to 7-digit number)1IrelandIECompany Registration Office numberCRO numberCompany registration numberUp to 7-digit number, cannot start with zero900488All registered






2IrelandIEEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number7 digits and 1 letter


6 digits and 2 letters

(Includes 1 or 2 letters :-Either LAST or SECOND & LAST)

IE 1234567X

IE 1X34567X

IE_UTR_CD99999999993IrelandIEUnique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) numberUTRA Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number is a unique identifier used by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) 10 digits

IL_CN_CD9999999991IsraelILCompany NumberCNThe company number is issued by Registrar of Companies9 digits
Legal entities
IL_VAT_CD999992IsraelILIsrael VATVATIsrael VAT5 digits12345

IM_CRN_CD999999X1Isle of ManIMCompany Registration  NumberCRNIf the company is a Manx Registered company and the tax reference number is not known, the Company Incorporation or Registration number can be used instead.This consists of seven digits; six numbers followed by a letter – C,F,L.,by%20the%20Income%20Tax%20Division.
IM_TIN_CDX999999992Isle of ManIM
Consists of a letter followed by six numbers, a hyphen and then a further 2 numbers – e.g. C123456-78. C123456-78,by%20the%20Income%20Tax%20Division.
IT_CCIAA_CDXX09999991ItalyITNumero d'iscrizione cameraleCCIAA+REATrade register number2 uppercase letters + 7-digt number; no blank/special characters allowed; in case of numbers with less than 7 digits leading zeros should be added. The first 2 letters refer to the code of the province where the counterparty is resident, the following digits represent the 'Trade register number'NA0091712Corporations and quasi-corporations (financial and non-financial) registered in the Italian trade register
IT_VAT_CDIT999999999992ItalyITEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number11 digitsIT12345678912

CI_IDU_CDXX9999XXXXXXXX1Ivory CoastCIUn Identifiant UniqueIDU
14 charactersCI-2019-XXXXXXXXLegal &
JP_CN_CD99999999999991JapanJPCorporate NumberCNIdentification number13-digit number; first digit (check digit) cannot be 01,25143E+12All legal entitiesOECD document: Japan gvt website:
JP_JCN_CD99999999999992JapanJPJapanese Corporate NumberJCN
13 digit

JP_TRN_CDX99999999999993JapanJPJapanese Tax Registration Number (*Tōroku Bangō*)TRNJapanese Tax Registration Number (*Tōroku Bangō*)14 charactersT1234567891234

1JerseyJETaxpayer identification numberTINThe taxpayer identification number for a Jersey resident individual will be the taxpayer's
Jersey social security number. Social security numbers begin with two letters, usually JY,
followed by six digits and a letter: A, B, C or D, for example, JY123456A.
The taxpayer identification number for an entity will be the entity’s tax reference number,
taking the format of two letters followed by up to five digits, for example CC00000. Tax
reference numbers for companies will commence with the letter C, for partnerships with the
letters D or E, and for other entities with the letter E.
7 or 10 characters
Legal & Natural
JO_NN_CD9999999991JordanJOالخلوي/ National number of the establishmentNN
9 digit
JO_TIN_CD9999999999992JordanJOTaxpayer identification numberTIN
12 digit

KZ_BIN_CD9999999999991KazakhstanKZBusiness Identification NumberBINbusiness identification number - a unique number generated for a legal entity (a branch and a representative office) and an individual entrepreneur carrying out activities in the form of joint entrepreneurship;12 digit
KE_BRN_CDXXX999999991KenyaKEBusiness registration numberBRN
11 charactersCPR/2000/0000

KE_PIN_CDX999999999X2KenyaKEKenya Revenue Authority Personal Identification NumberPIN
11 charactersP000111111A

KR_BRN_CD99999999991Korea (Republic)KRBusiness registration numberBRN
10 digitsXXX-XX-XXXXX
KW_TIN_CD9999999999991KuwaitKWTax Identification NumberTIN
12 digits
Legal & Natural
KG_CRN_CD9999999999XXX1KyrgyzstanKGCompany Registration numberCRN
10 digits and 3 letters

KG_TIN_CD999999999999992KyrgyzstanKGTax Identification NumberTIN
14 digits

LV_NBR_CD999999999991LatviaLVKomersanta reģistrācijas numurs Latvijas Republikas Uzņēmumu reģistra komercreģistrāNBRA unique registration number is assigned by the Enterprise Register of The Republic of Latvia11-digit number40103681895All entities
LV_VAT_CDLV999999999992LatviaLVEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number11 digitsLV12345678912

LB_CRN_CD99999999 (up to 8)1LebanonLBCompany Registration numberCRN
up to 8 digits



1LiberiaLRBusiness registration numberBRN

9 digits or C and 6 digits



2LiberiaLRTax Identification Number

9 digits


XX99999 or


1LibyaLYCommercial Registration NumberCRN

Prior to 2013, the CR number consisted of a prefix followed by a sequence of digits. The prefix represented the city or region where the company was registered, and the digits indicated the unique identification number assigned to the company. For example, a CR number for a company registered in Tripoli could be "TL12345".

Since 2013: the new format consists of a combination of letters and digits. The format is as follows:

  • The first letter represents the city or region of registration. For example, "T" for Tripoli, "B" for Benghazi, "M" for Misrata, and so on.
  • The following two digits represent the year of registration.
  • The next four digits represent the unique identification number assigned to the company.

"TL12345" or 

T" for Tripoli, "B" for Benghazi, "M" for Misrata:


LI_UID_CDXXX9999999991LiechtensteinLILiechtensteinian UID numberUID
12 charactersCHE123456789

LT_JAR_CD9999999991LithuaniaLTJuridinių asmenų registro kodasJAR kodasUnique national business register identifier assigned to all legal entities registered in Lithuania9-digit number110486217All legal entities registered in LithuaniaRegister is accessible:




2LithuaniaLTEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number9 digits


12 digits


LU_RCS_CDX99999999 (1 letter plus number of variable length)1LuxembourgLUNuméro registre de commerce et des sociétés (RCS)RCSTrade and Companies Register number1 letter (A to Z) + number of variable lengthB0030775, C126

LU_VAT_CDLU999999992LuxembourgLUEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number8 digitsLU12345678

MO_TIN_CD999999991MacaoMOTax Identification NumberTIN
8 digits
MK_EMBS_CD99999991MacedoniaMKEdinstven maticen broj na subjektotEMBSUnique registration number of the subject7-digit number6899250The following are listed in the Trade Registry: sole proprietors, public trading companies, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures, limited partnerships with shares, business associations and subsidiaries of foreign trading companies or foreign sole proprietors.
MY_CRN_CD9999999999991Malaysia MY

Company Registration Number New


Registration Number(only Private Limited companies are registered under SSM (for West and East of Malaysia) . 

the Companies Commission of Malaysia – Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). 

  • First 4 digits – represents the year of the entity is registered (E.g. 2022)

  • Next 2 digits – represents the type of business activity (E.g. 01)

  • Last 6 digits – represents the unique entity number (E.g. 234565)

    The type of business entity is listed below:

    • 01 – is a local owned Private/Public limited Company

    • 02 – is a foreign owned Private/Public limited Company

    • 03 – is business registration such as sole proprietorship/partnership

    • 04 – is a local owned Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

    • 05 – is a foreign owned Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

    • 06 – is for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) specifically for professional practice

12-digit number or a 7 digit number with an alphabet (old one)2,02005E+11Incorporated entities
MY_FRP_CD999999992Malaysia MYMalaysian FRP numberFRP

8 digits



XX999999999 or

X99999999999 or

XX9999999999  or 


3Malaysia MYMalaysian ITN (Income tax number)ITN

TIN Format for Individuals

The current TIN format for Individuals begins with "IG." Previously, before 2nd January 2023, it started with "OG" or "SG." A 9–11-digit unique identifier follows the "IG" prefix.

Example: IG845462070, IG57303584070

TIN Format for Companies and Non-Individuals

For companies and other entities, the TIN starts with a specific alphabet code (one or two letter), indicating the nature of the entity, followed by a 10 or 11-digit unique number. Here are the respective characters representing different entity categories:

  1. Companies: C
  2. Cooperative Societies: CS
  3. Partnerships: D
  4. Employers: E
  5. Associations: F
  6. Non-Resident Public Entertainers: FA
  7. Limited Liability Partnerships: PT
  8. Trust Bodies: TA
  9. Unit Trusts/Property Trusts: TC
  10. Business Trusts: TN
  11. Real Estate Investment Trusts/Property Trust Funds: TR
  12. Deceased Person’s Estate: TP
  13. Hindu Joint Families: J
  14. Labuan Entities: LE

Update Effective 2nd January 2023: A "0" is added after every TIN number for non-individual entities to standardize the format.


  • Company: C20830570210
  • Cooperative Societies: CS1234567890
11 -13  charactersC 1234567890

MY_SST_CDX999999999999995Malaysia MYMalaysian SST numberSST
15 charactersA12-3456-78912345

MY_BNRN_CD999996Malaysia MYBusiness Name registration numberBNRN 

Business Name registration number (Nombor pendaftaran nama perniagaan)

In East Malaysia, the partnership and the sole proprietor company is registered under Inland Revenue, East Malaysia 

5 digits

ML_NIF_CDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA1MaliMLNumero d'Identification FiscaleNIF
15 characters

MT_CNUM_CDAAAAAAAA 1MaltaMTMFSA Company Number Malta Business Registry company registration number 
Company registration number assigned by the Malta Business Registry registrar of companiesno pre-defined formatC12345, CIS1, EEIG1, FO-15, LPA-1, LPF-31, OC100, OS1058/NT, P1035, PCOMM4, PFLP-100, PR5, SE10, SV93, XAll entities registered with the Malta Business Registry in the Register of Companies.
MT_VAT_CDMT999999992MaltaMTEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number8 digitsMT12345678

MH_EIN_CD99999991Marshall IslandsMHequivalent called “employee identification number”EINIndividuals:
The Marshall islands do not issue TIN but use an equivalent called “employee identification number” that is issued by the MISSA (Marshall Islands Social Security Administration). It is also known as “SSN” (Social Security Number).

The employee identification number consists of 8 digits. The two first digits are always “04” (format: 04-999999).

The Marshall islands do not issue TIN but use an equivalent called EIN (“employer identification number”) that is issued by the MISSA (Marshall Islands Social Security Administration).

The EIN consists of 7 digits. The two last digits are always “04” (format: 99999-04).
7 digits

MH_NBR_CD999999 (4-6 digits)2Marshall IslandsMHBusiness register number
Number provided by International Registries inc on behalf of Marshall Islands Maritime and Corporate Registries to all corporates resident in Marshall Islands4 to 6-digit number 8232, 53765, 478893All legal entities 
MQ_SIREN_CD9999999991MartiniqueMQSystème d'identification du répertoire des entreprises
Système d'identification du répertoire des entreprises9 digits number

Professionel - Vous êtes - Les services de l'État en Martinique
MX_RFC_CDXXX999999XX9 (3 letters plus  6 digits plus 3-character string)1MexicoMXClave en el Registro Federal deRFCTax code3 letters + "-" + 6-digit number + "-" + 3-character stringGFI-920961-IL7All legal entitiesOECD document: Gov Website:

R XXX YYY ZZZZZ K1,0036E+12Legal entities
MC_RCI_CD99XX99999 (2 digits plus 1-3 letters plus 5 digits)1MonacoMCNuméro RCIRCITrade register number assigned for companies with activities in Monaco2-digit number + 1 to 3 letters + 5-digit number84S02071, 84P02123, 21SC27152Mainly applies to commercial activities, companies other than civil societies and economic interest groups
MongoliaMNTax identification numberTIN
10 digits

1MontenegroMEVAT IDVATIn Montenegro, there are two different kinds of distinctive identifiers:
the registration number;
For instance:
Type 1: PIG-format number (12345678);
Type 2: REG- format number (1-23456789/012).

8 or 12 digits

15 digits


1MozambiqueMZTaxpayer Identification Number (TIN) TIN

9 digits





1NetherlandsNLKamer van Koophandel nummerKvK-nummer

8-digit  or 9-digit number; can start with some zeros12345678, 00001234All entities, except the royal family, parliament, senate, embassies and court of
NL_VAT_CDNL999999999B992NetherlandsNLEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number

11 digits and 1 letter.

Tenth character is always 'B'.

The 3 digit suffix is always B01 to B99.


NZ_BN_CD99999999999991New ZealandNZBusiness NumberBNA New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a globally unique 13-digit identifier that is available to all NZ businesses free of charge.13 digits
NZ_GST_CD9999999992New ZealandNZGST

13 digits123456789

1NicaraguaNIRegistro Único de ContribuyentesRUC
14 characters0013007660022M

NG_RCN_CD99999991NigeriaNGRegistered Company NumberRCN
7 digit code

NO_NBR_CD9999999991NorwayNOOrganization number, Brønnøysund Register 
National business register identifier of an entity9-digit number987654321All legal entities

999999999MVA or NO999999999 or NO999999999MVA

2NorwayNONorwegian VAT numberVAT
9 digits and the letters 'MVA' to indicate VAT registration123456789MVA

OM_CRN_CD99999991OmanOMCommercial Registration numberCRN
7 digit code
1PakistanPKNational Tax numberNTNIn case of individuals, 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) will be used as NTN or Registration Number.

NTN or Registration Number for AOP and Company is the 7 digits NTN received after e-enrollment.
13 digit or 7 digit
Legal & Natural,-Some%20important%20facts&text=In%20case%20of%20individuals%2C%2013,NTN%20received%20after%20e%2Denrollment.
PA_LEI_CD999999999999999999991PanamaPALegal Entity IdentifierLEIA Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20 digit code that is unique to a legal entity and provides basic information about the entity such as name, address and entity type e.g Limited Company.20 digit
Legal entities
PA_RUC_CD9999999999999999DV992PanamaPARegistro Único de ContribuyenteRUC

for natural persons that can have 6, 7, 8 or more characters in the future: X-XX-XXX DV 

           X-XXX-XXX DV 

           X-XXX-XXXX DV

legal person: example 0101-321-9999 DV: 85 

from  Q3 2014: 155986022-2-2019 DV: 12  or  

                          26631254-3-2020  DV: 78 

up to 18 digit 

1ParaguayPYRegistro Único de ContribuyentesRUC
8 digit for legal entities
9 digit for natural persons

Legal & NaturalThe Registro Único del Contribuyente (RUC) is the unique taxpayer registry that maintains identification numbers for all persons (national or foreign) and legal entities in Paraguay.
PE_RUC_CD999999999991PeruPERegistro Único del ContribuyenteRUCIn Peru the RUC stands for ‘Registro Único del Contribuyente’ in its Spanish abbreviation. Essentially, it is an 11-digit Tax ID number for any natural or legal person (such as a company) in Peru. It is used in most procedures either with public or private entities.11 digit code
Legal & NaturalSUNAT provides the RUC number to natural or legal persons. SUNAT stands for ‘Superintendencia Nacional de Aduanas y de Adminstración Tributaria’ in its Spanish abbreviation and is the Peruvian government agency, which enforces customs and taxation in Peru.
1PhilippinesPHTax Identification NumberTIN
9-12 digit numeric code
Legal & Natural,45%E2%80%9D%20is%20sequential%3B%20iii.
PL_KRS_CD0000999999 (number of variable length prefixed by zeros but 10 digits in total)1PolandPLNumer w Krajowym Rejesrze Sądowym (KRS)KRSUnique national business register identifier assigned to all legal entities registered in Polandnumber of variable length. Commonly it is prefixed by zeros, but they are non-significant and may  be dropped. 456228All legal persons
(9 digits  or 14 digits with 5 zeros in the end)
2PolandPLNumer identyfikacyjny REGONREGON numberUnique national register of entities  which can conduct business, but that do not necessarily take the form of legal entities. 9-digit number or 14-digit number with 5 zeros in the end610188201, 12345678900000Any entity which, under Polish law, can acquire legal rights and obligations; excluding in particular natural persons not conducting business
PL_VAT_CDPL99999999993PolandPLEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number10 digitsPL1234567890


Pesel number

PESELPolish Pesel number12 digitsYYMMDDPPPPK 
  • YY – last two digits of a year person was born in
  • MM – month
  • DD – day
  • PPPP – random number, but the last digit indicates person’s gender (odd number is for male, even – for female)
  • K – randomly generated number

PT_NIF_CD9999999991PortugalPTNúmero de Identificação de Pessoa ColetivaNIF/NIPCFiscal Authority VAT / Tax Identification Number9-digit number500792771All entities with a fiscal code in PortugalMinistry of Finance
PT_VAT_CDPT9999999992PortugalPTEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number9 digitsPT123456789

PR_EIN_CD9999999991Puerto RicoPREmployer Identification numberEINTaxpayer ID9 digits

QA_TIN_CD99999999991QatarQATax Identification NumberTIN
10 digit
Legal & Natural
RO_TRN_CDJ999999999992000 ("J" plus 2 digits plus up to 9-digit number plus year of registration)1RomaniaRONumarul de inregistrare la registrul comertului
Trade register number"J" + 2-digit number + "/" + trade register number (up to 9-digit number) + "/" + year of registrationJ40/8302/1997All legal entities
RO_VAT_CDRO9999999999 from 2 to 10 digits2RomaniaROEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT numberfrom 2 digits
to 10 digits
Registru TVA (
RU_OGRN_CD99999999999991Russian FederationRUОсновной государственный регистрационный номерOGRNMajor State Registration Number13-digit number1,03617E+12All legal persons
RU_INN_CD99999999992Russian FederationRURussian INNINN
10-digit number1234567891

RU_KPP_CD9999999993Russian FederationRURussian KPPKPP
9-digit number123456789

SA_CRN_CD99999999991Saudi ArabiSACommercial registration number / 
The Commercial Registration Number or CR Number is a unique identification number that can be used to identify any business in Saudi Arabia. The CR Number is assigned by the Ministry of Commerce, and it is found at the top left corner of your commercial registration certificate (شهادة السجل التجاري).10-digit number
Legal entities
SV_TIN_CD999999999999991SalvadorSV“Número de Identificación Tributaria” (NIT)
Tax identification number14 numbers0210-080235-103-0
SA_VAT_CD999999999999992Saudi ArabiSASaudi Arabia VAT

14-digit number1,23457E+14



SNSenegal VAT

SN plus 9 digits

RS_APR_CD999999991SerbiaRSIdentification Number / Матични бројAPR
8 digits

RS_TIN_CD999999999 or 99999999999992SerbiaRS

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Businesses “Poreski Identifikacioni Broj” (PIB) 

Individuals - “Jedinstveni Maticni Broj Gradjana” (JMBG)


PIB 9digits

JMBG 13 digits

SC_BRN_CD9999991SeychellesSCBusiness registration numberBRN
6 digits,get%20your%206%20digits%20BRN.
1SingaporeSGstandard identification number of an entityUEN
9 or 10 charactersnnnnnnnnX
SG_GST_CDX99999999X2SingaporeSGSingapore GSTGST
10 charactersM12345678X

1SlovakiaSKIdentifikačné číslo organizácieICOIdentification number8-digit number or 8-digit number + 1 lowercase letter31364501 or 31364501aAll types of entities 
SK_VAT_CDSK99999999992SlovakiaSKEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number10 digitsSK1234567891

SI_MAT_CD99999999991SloveniaSIMatična številka
National business register identifier10-digit number5063345000All legal entities
SI_VAT_CDSI999999992SloveniaSIEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number8 digits SI12345678

SI_TIN_CD999999993SloveniaSISlovenia tax number (davčna številka)TIN
8-digit number12345678

ZA_CKN_CDZA9999991South AfricaZACompany Key numberCKN
ZA followed by 6 digit numberZA999999

ZA_VAT_CD99999999992South AfricaZASouth African VAT numberVAT
10-digit number4123456789

ES_NIF_CDX999X99X9 (9-character string with letters and digits, the letter and digit order doesn't matter)1SpainESCódigo de Identificación FiscalNIFFiscal Identification Number9-character string with letters and numbersA28015865, S2826011EAll legal entitiesMinistry of Economy


or ESX99999999

2SpainESEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number8 digits and 1 letter or

7 digits and 2 letters (Includes 1 or 2 letters :-Either FIRST, LAST or FIRST & LAST.)

ES X12345678


ES 12345678X


ES X1234567X

1Sri LankaLKCompany registration numberCRN
5 or 7 characters

SE_ORG_CD9999999929 (10 digits, the third digit always has the value 2-9)1SwedenSEOrganisationsnummer
Business register number that is assigned to the entity by the authorities responsible for the registration of entities10-digit number, with an optional "-" after 6th digit. The third digit always has the value 2-9.554521-5795All types of entities. However, some investment funds might not have a business register number.
SE_VAT_CDSE9999999999012SwedenSEEuropean VAT numberVATEuropean VAT number

12 digits

The last 2 digits must be '01'.


CH_ID_CDCH999999999991SwitzerlandCHBusiness register number
Business register numberCH + 11-digit numberCH02030039709All legal entities

CHE999999999 or CHE999999999XXX or CHE999999999XXXX

2SwitzerlandCHSwitzerland VAT numberVATThe VAT number in Switzerland is based on the Swiss Business Identification Number 

9 numbers plus optional part: MWST/TVA/IVA

German part: MWST 
French part: TVA
Italian part: IVA

CHE-123.456.789 MWST

8 digits

TW_VAT_CD999999992TaiwanTWTaiwanese VATVAT
8 digits12345678

TZ_VAT_CD99999999X1Tanzania, United Republic ofTZTanzania VATVAT
8 digits plus 1 character99-999999-A

TH_CRN_CD99999999999991ThailandTHCompany Registration Number or
Tax Identification Number
13 digits

TH_TIN_CD99999999999992ThailandTHCompany Registration Number or
Tax Identification Number
13 digit

TG plus 9 digits

TT_CN_CDX99999999999991Trinidad and TobagoTTCompany NumberCN
14 characters

TT_BIR_CD99999999992Trinidad and TobagoTTBoard of inland revenueBIR
10 digits
Legal & Natural
1TunisiaTNالمعرف الوحيد:Unique Indetification Number/   RNEThe National Register of Companies - RNE- is a public database to collect data and information relating to companies and their availability to the public as well as to State institutions. This is where companies (legal and natural persons) are registered as well as their amending entries.7 or 9 characters1616343A



TR_VKN_CD9999999999 (Up to 10-digit number)1TurkeyTRVergi Kimlik Numarası
Tax identification number Up to 10-digit number71524152, 1026152349All legal entities; One individual legal entity can not have the same VKN with any other individual legal entity even if they belong to the same group (solo records but not consolidated group records are to be reported).OECD document (in english): Website (in turkish):
Company Registration NumberCRNa combination of letters and numbers 14-digit number

a search link
UA_EDRPOU_CD99999999 1UkraineUAUkrainian state registry legal entity identifierEDRPOUA tax number assigned to legal persons by the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine8-digit number12345678Legal entities
UA_VAT_CD999999999 or  9999999999992UkraineUAUkrainian VATVAT
9 or 12 digits123456789

AE_TRN_CD9999999999999991United Arab EmiratesAE
TRNThe TRN (TIN) is a unique 15-digit code provided by the FTA (Federal Tax Authority) of the UAE.15-digit code

AE_CBLS_CD99999999 (the length may vary)2United Arab EmiratesAE
CBLSFederal Reserve NumberThe length may vary

(8-character string with letters and numbers)
1United KingdomGBCompany Registration NumberCRNBusiness register number8-character string with letters and numbers01234567, SC012345A company registration number is assigned by Companies House when a company is formed. It only applies to businesses incorporated or registered at Companies House, primarily limited companies and limited liability partnerships.
GB_VAT_CDGB9999999992United KingdomGBUnited Kingdom VAT numberVAT
Nine digits


Twelve digits if the number represents a sub-company within a group



GB 123456789001


GBS99999 or


3United KingdomGBSQC member number


GB999999 or GBXXX999 or GBXXX9999 or GBXXX99999 or GBXXX999999 or GBXXX9999999

4United KingdomGBRed Cert member number

US_EIN_CD9999999991United States of AmericaUSEmployer Identification NumberEINInternal Revenue Service The EIN is a nine-digit number formatted with a dash after the first two numbers. These first two numbers indicate the location where the company will do business and pay their federal tax.03-0413726Most legal entities

2United States of AmericaUSDelaware State File Number
Delaware business register identifier6 or 7-digit number4307493All legal entities
UY_RUT_CD9999999999991Uruguay UYRegistro Único Tributario (RUT)RUTTax Identification Number12-digit2,16549E+11All entities subject to taxationWebsite:
Third party resources: OECD document:
UZ_OKPO_CD999999991UzbekistanUZедином идентификационном коде предприятий, организаций и индивидуальных предпринимателейОКПО
8 digits

VE_TIN_CDX9999999991Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)VERegistro de Informacion Fiscal (RIF)
Tax Identification NumberFirst character is one of (J, G, V, E), one dash (-), then 9 digits e.g. J-305959918, in some cases can be written e.g. J-30595991-8J-999999999 OR J-99999999-9

VN_ECN_CD9999999999 or
1VietnamVNEnterprise codeECN
10 digit
or 13 digit

VG_CN_CD99999991Virgin Islands (British)VGBVI Company numberCN
7 digits

MU_BRN_CDX999999991Mauritius MUBusiness register numberBRN
"C" followed by 8 digitsC12345678All legal entities

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