The tab Other Project Events in Mobility Tool+ enables project coordinators to specify any additional activities that have facilitated the management and organisation of the school-to-school project. There is no budget calculation for such activities, however they are listed in the final beneficiary report.

The Other Project Events can be added or modified only by the coordinator in their own split project (identified with "_1" at the end of the project reference). Project partners have the possibility to view the Other Project Events in their own projects, but they cannot modify such events.

Relevant for...

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KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

KA229 - School Exchange Partnerships

All Other Project Events added by the coordinator are displayed as a list. The contextual menu next to each item (1) allows users to view, edit and delete the specific item.

It is also possible to perform other operations such as searching, exporting activities, etc. For all available operations please refer to the MT+ List functionality page.

Other Project Events screen

1. Add "Other Project Event"

1.1. Click "+Create"

Click the +Create button to open the Other Project Event Details screen.

Create other project event

1.2. Fill in the details and click on "Save"

Note that all fields are required. Once all the details are filled in, click the Save button to save the information.

Fill in details and click save

1.3. The saved details are displayed

Click Edit to make further changes or click back to list to return to the Other Project Events list.

Saved details are displayed