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A number of the issues of INSPIRE implementation is theme-specific, so implementers in the Member States as well as policy makers and solution providers should be able to share their experience and discuss about

  • (theme-specific) issues they encountered, approaches they used for implementation or planned extensions or value-added thematic applications
  • requirements for thematic policies or value-added applications
  • available tools and solutions supporting the implementation and use of the INSPIRE infrastructure

This action aims to

  • Build communities of INSPIRE implementers in the EU as well as in MSs for the proposed clusters of themes
  • Create a platform for sharing experiences and for discussing implementation issues (including results from usability tests) and approaches. This platform should be open to all INSPIRE stakeholders.
  • Address already identified issues on data specifications of Annex I, II and III and propose (if relevant) concrete change proposals to the TG to the MIG
  • Use the platform to better understand thematic implementation issues, approaches and requirements in each MS to seek common “harmonised” solutions, i.e. what tools or which options in the TG are used (where there are several), what extensions or value-added applications are developed or planned. This could be done through questionnaires or surveys on different

Organisational set-up

The action is supported by:

  • thematic communities for the following clusters, each of which will be supported by a thematic facilitators
    • GE, SO, NZ, MR, ER
    • LU, LC
    • EL, OI, GG, RS
    • EF, O&M
    • AF, PF, US
    • GN, AU, CP, AD, BU, TN, HY
    • OF, SR, AC+MF
    • PS, AM, HB, SD, BR
    • SU, PD, HH
    • Several thematic applications and policies affect more than one cluster. Therefore, the initial clusters based on INSPIRE themes may be re-organised or complemented with cross-thematic working groups.
  • a temporary MIG sub-group consisting of one facilitator per thematic cluster and chaired by the EC & EEA INSPIRE team. This sub-group will also be open to interested MIG representatives.

2020 (May) Activity Reports

2020 (December) Activity Reports