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Room 1302, building 101, Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

13:00 - 14:00    Buffet lunch

14:15 - 15:00    Tour de table: Quick presentation of the participants and interest on the Re3gistry - Tour de table all.pptx

  • What registers are currently available / planned in your country?
  • What tools do you use to manage registers?
  • What features would you like to see in a registry tool?
  • How do you plan to contribute to the further development of the Re3gistry?

15:00 -15:30    Introduction & Presentation of the Re3gistry 2 - 20180905_Re3gistry-version-2_workshop.pptx

  • Actual development status
  • Structure
  • Features
  • Development plan

15:30 - 16:00    Coffee break

16:00 - 18:00    Guided 'hands-on' session - 20180905_Hands-on_Session.pptx

  • This session will allow participants to get familiar with the new features by following a live demo on their own terminals.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

09:00 - 10:30    Input/feedback session on the Re3gistry 2 - Re3gistry improvement proposal_all.pptx

  • Present concrete improvement proposals for the Re3gistry and discuss and prioritise them

10:30 - 11:00    Coffee break

11:00 - 12:30    INSPIRE register federation - Setting up a community for the Re3gistry.pptx

  • Presentation (incl. feedback from current members)
  • Discussion

12:30 - 14:00    Lunch break

14:00 - 15:30    Setting up a community around the Re3gistry - 20180905_RegisterFederation.pptx

  • Summary of planned contributions
  • Different governance scenarios
  • Discussion

15:30 - 16:00    Coffee break

16:00 - 17:00    Wrap-up and conclusions


  • Antonio Rotundo (IT), Teijo Kalliomäki (FI), Chris Schubert (AT), Petra Sajko-Hlušička (HR), Etienne Taffoureau (FR), Sylvain Grellet (FR, remote), Abdel Feliachi (FR, remote), Michael Östling (SE, remote), Uroš Mladenovič (SI), Matej Sotlar (SI), Rene Agius (MT), Alejandra Sanchez Maganto (ES), Michał Fijałkowski (PL), Martin Tuchyna (SK), Aniko Gerencser (OP), Lorena Hernandez Quiros (JRC), Daniele Francioli (JRC), Marco Minghini (JRC), Davide Artasensi (JRC), Michael Lutz (JRC)

Discussion items & actions

ItemNotes & Actions
Welcome and approval of the agenda
  • No comments on the agenda
Tour de table
  • JRC to share the merged  "tour de table" presentation
Introduction & Presentation of the Re3gistry 2
  • Initial proposals provided by the participants were gathered for later discussion in the 'Input/feedback session'
Guided 'hands-on' session
  • Initial proposals provided by the participants were gathered for later discussion in the 'Input/feedback session'
  • The feedback is summarised in the table below. Mainly bugs and new features have emerged
Input/feedback session on the Re3gistry 2
  • JRC presented the Re3gistry improvement proposals submitted before the meeting. Similar or related proposals were grouped where applicable
  • Every participant was asked to rank his/her 5 top proposals out of the overall possibilities
  • The most voted proposals were:
    1. Provide support for linked data (16 votes)

    2. Improve filtering/search functionality in the user interface (13 votes)
    3. Improve the search engine to enable searching remote INSPIRE central registers from a “local” registry (9 votes)

    4. Enable a search history function to navigate across the item changes (9 votes)
    5. Provide support for additional formats to enhance interoperability, e.g. compliant SKOS/XML (8 votes)

    6. Provide a syndication service to notify changes in contents and/or functionalities (8 votes)
    7. Provide additional visualization modes, e.g. a hierarchical tree view (collapsible menus) for hierarchical registers, and an alphabetical index (glossary); suitable/suggested tools are WebVOWL and owlviz (8 votes)

    8. Provide a REST API for machine-readable access, filter & read actions (7 votes)

    9. Provide image field type support (7 votes)
    10. Store developed register types as templates in order to use them to create new registers (7 votes)

    11. Implement a web based import tool, allowing a preview of the content (for each new entry/change, create a dump of the current content) (7 votes)

  • JRC to document the submitted improvement proposals on Github (using this template) and provide an estimation of the resources that those would imply
INSPIRE register federation
  • Decision: The RoR application will not be published officially for the time being, since not many countries are sharing or planning to share their code lists in it yet. Testing and experiments will continue in the current sandbox at
  • JRC should investigate how to integrate the RoR within the INSPIRE registry (e.g. showing in INSPIRE empty code lists types a link to the available values coming from other sources)
  • JRC to double-check if SKOS/RDF format could act the federation format (instead of RoR specification)
  • JRC to rediscuss with EEA how to align their vocabularies

Setting up a community around the Re3gistry
  • ELISE funding is available for the Re3gistry development for at least next year.
  • Member States could contribute to the funding. AT, IT, FI might be interested.
  • Decision: A steering group will not be set for the time being
  • JRC to create a mailing list for stakeholders and general announcements
  • JRC to set up the Github space ( for collecting requirements, feature proposal and sharing roadmaps for next releases
  • Web-conferences will be set on request/on needs based
  • Webinars should be organised to present the new versions, features, etc. These could be done also at physical events such as the INSPIRE Conference, FOSS4G, ISA2, etc.
  • A 'Feedback button' should be included directly in the INSPIRE Registry website.
  • Action JRC: To ask the IT services if the code can be shared although still in development
  • SK suggests to investigate commonalities and possible synergies between the development of the validator, geoportal and the registry
Wrap-up and conclusions

Feedback from Hands-on Session

This table below collects the feedback received during the hands-on sessions.

  • I want only changed field be highlighted (e.g. linked data are also highlighted)
2Group 1SO
  • I want timestamp (visible information about time of action/decision)
New feature
3Group 1SO
  • Possibilities to see a preview of changes (AT)
New feature
4Group 1SO
  • Nice to have possibility to write some notes about reason for specific single action (e.g retired, invalid). But it is possible to put it in control body change log.
New feature
5Group 1RY
  • I want to have for new added field  the mandatory icon * that currently is missing (required field)
6Group 1RY
  • I want to have the date type content (date field with calendar instead of text field mask)
7Group 1ALL
  • Nice to have online help, examples, Guidance’s e.g. difference between definition and description (HR)
New feature
8Group 2SO
  • I want to receive e-mail notifications when the CB approves/rejects a proposal
New feature
9Group 2RY
  • Under the Structure tab, when adding a field, the 'Save' button should be placed under the bar, instead of being next to the bar and having the button 'Create new field' under the bar. By instinct, after creating a field we click the button 'Create a new field' instead of the button 'Save'.
Change request
10Group 2RY
  • Check which fields are mandatory, sometimes it was noticed that the asterisk icon is not shown;
11Group 2RY
  • Check which fields are mandatory, when leaving some mandatory fields blank (e.g. the Description), we can save the page as well (this should not happen).
12Group 2ALL

I want to have a help button to provide explanations or hints on how to fill the different fields (sometimes this is difficult to understand) → same as 7

New feature
13Group 2ALL
  • I want to change the labels of the tabs 'Submitting Organizations', 'Control Body' and 'Registry Manager', which are currently not explaining what can be done under these tabs (they can be changes into something like 'Dashboard' or 'Actions').
Change request
14Group 3SO
  • I want to see the breadcrumbs so that I see where I am in the workflow
New feature
15Group 3SO
  • I want to have some indications on the order of the action to complete for the submission so that I can follow the workflow correctly
New feature
16Group 3SO
  • I want to import the code-list information (e.g. CSV) so that I can have some kind of bulk import feature
New feature
17Group 3SO
  • I want to have a popup as remainder/shortcut so that I can easily send/submit the changes
New feature
18Group 3CB

I want to receive an email notification/report so that I will know the current status and pending/awaiting proposals → same as 8

New feature
19Group 3CB
  • I want the Back button so that I see the status/progress of the workflow
New feature
20Group 3RY
  • I want to see the registry partial URL next to the input text field
New feature
21Group 3RY
  • I want to see a Save button in the Structure tab so that I know how & when it saves
New feature
22Group 3RY
  • I want to have a better tooltip/clue on how to order fields and visibility (instead of a simple four arrows cursor when hovering)
New feature
23Group 3ALL
  • I want to see the application fields/labels translated in the selected language (top-right)
New feature
24Group 3ALL
  • I want browsers compatibility & support (IE, Firefox, Chrome) so that I can use a modern browser without issues
25Group 3ALL
  • I want to see clearly under which role the user is logged in
New feature
  • No labels