For Economic Operators who would like to use the approach of system exchange to share/receive the information with Union Database using their own ERP/IT systems or via a 3rd party Service provider; they can leverage the following options.


Access point Provider: means a nominated access point that is allowed to communicate with Union Database in a secure way. It is technical component used on eDelivery infrastructure. The access point provider is not authorized to store & process the information (data) shared between the economic operator and the union databases. Access point provider should ensure any data sent via the access point is also not transmitted or shared to a scheme or a member state in the context of Access point provider responsibilities to support an EO for submitting information to UDB. Access point provider is nominated by a scheme and may have a framework contract established. An Economic Operator may use this approach to exchange the information from their IT system/ERP system with Union Database via the Access point provider. The economic operators may chose the Access point provider nominated by any one of the schemes and will have to ensure their bilateral contracts can ensure secure data exchange from their systems to the Union Database. 

Economic Operators who would like to use an Access point provider would have to test their application with Union Database before being allowed to send the information to Union Database. In order to receive support for testing of their IT systems using one of the existing Access point provider please send an email to

Access point provider may not store, read the message data relayed and has to ensure data protection. 


Service Provider: For Economic Operators who do not have their own IT systems but would like reduce the administration burden by automation of information exchange, there is a need for Union Database service providers who can support such economic operators to digitize the information already used for complying with RED & Proof of sustainability information. Service providers are to be nominated by the schemes. 

Service provider may not allow access to the data of the Economic Operator to any other parties other than sending the information to UDB or the EO authorized users. Access to the EOs transaction Data should not be derived to the schemes nor any other entities who is not the owner of such data and who are not intended recipients of this service. These conditions have to be established via the Framework contract by the scheme and the mutual contract between EO & the service provider.


Below is the list of service providers / Access point providers nominated by the schemes and allowed to communicate with Union Database.

Provider nameProvider TypeStatus of ApprovalAvailable on Live environmentPurpose of useNominated by Schemes
BioledgerService ProviderApprovedEnabledto support Economic Operators for the schemes listed ->RSB, 2BSVS, Bonsucro
BioledgerAccess PointPending ApprovalOngoingto support Economic Operators across schemesRSB, 2BSVS, Bonsucro
ChasquisAccess PointPending ApprovalNAto support Economic Operators across schemesISCC
AdemicoService ProviderApprovedEnabledto support Schemes Only of ->ISCC
AdemicoAccess PointPending ApprovalNAto support Economic Operators across schemesISCC
ExplicatisService ProviderApprovedEnabledto support Schemes Only of ->Redcert
Everysite?Pending ApprovalNAto support Economic Operators for the schemes listed ->RedTractor


Information on eDelivery for Voluntary Schemes nominated Access point providers & Service Providers

All requests to onboard Service providers, Access point providers &/ eDelivery access for EOs & Schemes should be directly sent to UDB team by Scheme.

What is eDelivery?

  • eDelivery is the secure messaging infrastructure used by European commission IT systems
  • This setup will enable systematic/programmatic exchange of data/information between UDB & any type of entities.

Economic Operators with limited IT expertise but requiring automation

  • Such Economic Operators could leverage 3rd party service providers who can support EOs in digitizing the information required by UDB. 3rd Party Service provider may provide extended support like integrating with existing processes of EO to enable UDB integration with UDB thereby easing the administrative burden

Economic Operators wishing to exchange information via their own ERP system.

  • Regardless of the type of ERP system, EO may send the data to UDB as per the required protocol. The relaying of such data/ messages can be done via a nominated access point provider
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