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Illustrations provided for consultation only...
Illustrations provided for consultation only...

titleRelevant For...

This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call 2021 onward
    • KA154-YOU​​​​​​ - Youth participation activities 

This page explains how to add, edit and delete Physical events for KA154 Youth participation activities projects in Beneficiary module. We are using a KA154, call 2023 project as an example. 

The term “physical events” covers events that are central to achieving the objectives of the project; they could mark milestones in the project and should stand clearly out from ongoing project activities, by either their content, their size or the profile of their participants. Furthermore, a Youth participation event is a physical event, involving the physical presence of young people and, where relevant, also other participants.

A physical event will be attended not only by the members of the informal group or young people in the beneficiary organisations that are directly involved in the overall project activities, but also by a wider audience of young people and/or decision-makers. The duration of the event should be appropriate to the planned activities and expected achievements, and events can be both very short (hours) or have a longer duration. Specific support for the organisation of physical events is available on a “per participant per event” basis, regardless of the event’s duration.

Source: Erasmus+ Programme Guide, Version 3 of 04.04.2023, page 171


  • Only the contact person(s) with edit rights on the project is able to manage Physical Events in their project.
  • A grant agreement has been signed for the project, and it is available in Beneficiary module.
  • To update the project it must have the status Project Ongoing.


Numbered Headings

Add a physical event

Access "Physical events" in the Content menu

In your project, click on Physical events in the Content menu. The Physical events screen with the List of physical events is displayed. All the events that you add will be shown here. Initially, the list is empty.

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CP Root BM List functionalityCP
Root BM List functionality

Click on Physical events in the Content menu

Click on "Create"

Click on the Create button in the top right corner of the screen to open the Physical event details screen.

Click on the Create button

Fill in the Physical event details

In the details screen fill in the fields as required. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). Value missing is also displayed below these fields. The form will adapt based on the information you provide.

You must provide the Title and Description of the event. 

Depending on the call year of your project, additional mandatory fields, such as Activity type and Country of destination/event, are displayed and must be completed.

You may also be able to provide the Number of participants physical, Out of which, number of decision makers and Number of persons participating in the event and not funded, as per your needs. Optionally, Comments can also be added.

The field Out of which, number of participants with fewer opportunities is available for KA154, call 2023 projects and can also be filled in. 

Certain fields are pre-filled and cannot be edited, for example the Event ID, which is generated automatically or the Unit cost physical, which is a flat rate of 100 euros/participant.

The Total cost of event and Total unit contribution for physical participants are automatically calculated as per information provided in the form. These values are also read-only.

Here is an example of the available fields in a KA154, call 2023 project.

Physical event details screen in a KA154, call 2023 project

Here is an example of the Physical events details screen in a KA154, call 2022, project. 

Physical events details screen in a KA154, call 2022, project

"Blended/virtual event" flag

Selecting this flag will indicate that the event combines a physical event with a virtual event component and will result in:

  • A comment field becoming available, where you must add an explanation for the circumstances that led to the planned physical event becoming blended or fully virtual.
  • The field Number of participants virtual becomes available and can be completed. The field Unit cost virtual is visible, containing the predefined rate per participant and is read-only.

"Incoming international participant (under special conditions)" flag

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Incoming international participant (under special conditions)
Incoming international participant (under special conditions)

Start and End Date - Call 2023 only

For KA154, call 2023 projects, you must provide the Start date and End date of the event, using the available date pickers. The dates must be within the Project Duration, displayed as a time line above the fields to complete. 

Start date and End date of the event mandatory for KA154, call 2023

Click on "Save"

Once you have filled in all the mandatory information, the Save button at the bottom right corner of the screen becomes active.

Click the Save button to save the event details for your project. If you use the Back button, the event will not be created. 

Click on Save

Physical event added to the project

A success message is displayed, and you are redirected to the Physical events list, where the newly added event is now listed.

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List functionality in projects
List functionality in projects
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CP Root BM List functionalityCP
Root BM List functionality

Physical event added to the project

Edit a physical event

Click on the Edit icon to open the details of the selected physical event in edit mode. Make the desired changes in the Physical event details.

titleTake note

Certain fields, such as Event ID, Country of destination/event or Unit cost cannot be updated and will be greyed out.

Then click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save the updated information. If you use the Back button, the changes will not be saved.

Click on Edit to make changes to an event

Delete a physical event

In the Physical events list, click the Delete icon next to the event you want to remove from the project and follow the onscreen instructions to remove it from the project.

titleTake note

If you try to delete a Physical event that is linked to at least one mobility activity, an error message will display, informing you of this fact. Please remove the link to the event from the mobility activity first and try again.

Click on Delete to remove an event

Expected Outcome

  • Depending on the action you are performing:

    • The added event is displayed in the list of events.

    • The changes to the event details are saved.

    • The existing event is removed from the list of events.

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