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Project details such as Project Title, National ID, Start and End of Project cannot be changed in your project in Beneficiary module. To request changes for such details, contact your National Agency. Changes regarding organisation information for organisations with an OID must be submitted from the Organisation Registration system.

Additional changes to the grant agreement, for example a change of awarded budget due to change in activities, a change to partnerships or participating organisations in a KA220 project must also be communicated to the National Agency

For KA121 and KA151 projects it is possible to submit an amendment request from the Amendments section of the project in Beneficiary module. Please see the page Amendment request for KA121 and KA151 projects  for details

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Illustrations provided for consultation only...
Illustrations provided for consultation only...

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Numbered Headings

Contact your National Agency

If you wish to update any details about your project, begin by contacting your National Agency. The National Agency will be able to instruct you on how to proceed requesting changes to the project. 

In this example, in a 2021 KA220-YOU project, the beneficiary requires the following changes: 

  1. The Project title.
  2. Project duration to change from 36 months to 30 months.
    Header of project, project title and duration should change
  3. Adding an additional organisation and the two organisation contacts, as in KA220-YOU projects organisations cannot be added manually to the project in Beneficiary module.
    Additional organisation and contacts are needed

The National Agency checks the request

The National Agency will check the requested changes and decide whether there is a need to amend the grant agreement.

The National Agency updates the project details

If deemed necessary and depending on the type of change, an amendment to the grant agreement is issued, sent to the beneficiary and, once signed, returned to the National Agency. The National Agency will then sign the amendment and send it back to the beneficiary. 

Only then will the changes become available in the project in Beneficiary module and, if applicable, the Project results platform. A notification email is sent to the beneficiary contact, informing them of the changes to the project. 

Project updates available in Beneficiary module

When opening the updated project, all changes confirmed by the National Agency in their project management system will be available.

In our example, all requested changes are now available in our project: 

  1. The Project title.
  2. Project duration changed to 30 months.
    Changes to Project title and duration available in amended project
  3. The new organisation and the two organisation contacts are available.
    Additional organisation and contacts available in amended project

In the project History Information, accessible from the project Details tab, the Updated on: and by: National Agency indicate the last updates sent to Beneficiary module. 
History Information displays latest update

"Update project data" functionality in Beneficiary module


Project contacts with edit rights in a project also have the option to Update project data from the Project details header.

Using this functionality will check the project details available in the NA's project management system and transfer changes such as changes to organisation information or changes related to an amendment, to the project in Beneficiary module. 

This option is also useful before completing the final beneficiary report, as the project information must be correct before the report should be submitted. Using Update project data will ensure the latest information for the project as available in the NA's project management system is also available in Beneficiary module.

Any information entered in Beneficiary module will not be affected by this update functionality. Only information maintained in the National Agency Project Management module will be updated using this functionality.

In the header of the project details, click on the Actions button and select the option Update project data.

Click on Update project data

A success message displays after the check for updates is completed. The relevant changes, if any, will be available in the project within an hour.

Success message displays when check for updates is complete

An error message will display if there already is a check for updates running, for example initiated by another project contact. 

Error message displays if update is already ongoing


Specifics - Interim Amendment Exercise 

and KA151 Amendments

For KA121, call year 2021 onward, and KA151 projects from call year 2022 onward, it is possible to submit an amendment

request, or Interim amendments exercise, from

request from the Amendments section of the project.

Please see page Amendment request for KA121 and KA151 projects for details. 

Amendments section, available in KA121 and KA151 projects, lets you create and submit an amendment to the NAImage Added

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