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What is the topic about?

The Vocational Education and Training Mobility Charter awarded to consortium members is now also available Mobility Tool+. The coordinator is able to report on the status of the consortium and provide extra comments on the grant projects that the consortium currently is or previously was active in.

Statistical information from the grant project is displayed in the report, for example an overview of the participants' feedback. This statistical information reflects the information from the related grant projects in Mobility Tool+ up until a specified "Cut-off date". The "Cut-off date" is indicated by the National Agency upon requesting the interim/progress/final report. This means that if the grant projects receive additional participant reports after the defined "cut-off date", they will not be reflected in the interim/final report statistics.

Consortium members are automatically provided with view access to the accreditation project in Mobility Tool+.

Relevant for...

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2015 onwards

KA1 - Mobility of individuals

KA109 - Vocational Education and Training Mobility Charter

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Process Explained

Interim/Final Report Notification


The KA109 project is made available in Mobility Tool+ by the National Agency.

The Interim/Progress/Final Report request is submitted to Mobility Tool+ from the National Agency's project management system. In this request the submission deadline and the cut-off date are specified.

An automatic email notification about the request is sent to the beneficiary at this point, specifying the deadline for the report submission to the National Agency.

Report in Mobility Tool+


Ass soon as the request is made by the National Agency, the report becomes available in Mobility Tool+ under the Reports tab, and the beneficiary can start editing the draft report. The Interim/Final report submission deadline is clearly stated in the Beneficiary Reports screen.

The KA109 Interim/Final Report structure


The KA109 interim/final report consists of the following sections, most of which are prefilled:

  • Context
    • Displays the cut-off date and the submission deadline, as well an overview of the grants contracted by the applicant/consortium and the associated budgets (awarded, reported and final grant) for each grant. 
  • Statistical Information
    • Contains a summary of the information about mobilities in all completed and ongoing projects granted under the VET Mobility Charter. Only mobilities completed (end date of mobility reached) by the interim / final report cut-off date are taken into account.

  • Participant Feedback:
    • Contains a summary of the information retrieved from participant reports submitted by mobility participants in all completed and ongoing projects granted under the VET Mobility Charter. Only participant reports submitted by the interim/final report cut-off date are taken into account.

  • Implementation Progress
  • Annexes

Submission of the Interim/Final Report


Once the required information is provided and all necessary documents are attached, the beneficiary can submit the interim/final report in Mobility Tool+.

Report Acceptance


After the interim/final report arrives in the National Agency's project management system the report status in Mobility Tool+ changes to Submitted.

When the National Agency receives the interim/final report, they acknowledge its receipt in their project management system. Acknowledging the submission of the report does not change the status of the interim/final report in Mobility Tool+.

Report Assessment and Notification


The next stage is the Report Assessment, where the National Agency reviews the interim/final report and based on their findings, can decide to approve the report or request a new report.

Once the report approved, its status in Mobility Tool+ changes to Accepted. This status will not change.

If a new report is requested, the earlier submitted interim/final report is set back to draft, allowing the beneficiary to make the required updates/changes. Once the updates are made, the report can be resubmitted.

Cancellation of an Interim/Final Report


The Interim Report can be cancelled by the National Agency in their project management system, in various situations. When the interim/final report is cancelled, the beneficiary receives a notification of cancellation from the National Agency in Mobility Tool+ and the report is locked therefore the beneficiary can no longer edit the report.

The log on the Beneficiary Reports screen in Mobility Tool+ will state: Cancelled by National Agency (system). The report status will display as Submitted.

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