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Field Name

Disadvantaged background


A check box, if ticked, indicates if the participant comes from a disadvantaged background. It is used for statistical purposes.

If the National Agency awards the disadvantage top-up for the participant, this will be calculated and displayed under the budget section Individual Support. The top-up may be removed, depending on the criteria applied by your National Agency. Please contact your National Agency for further guidance.


Mobility Field



Call Year2019
Key ActionKA1
Action TypeKA107
Activity Type Specifics

HE-SMS-T Student mobilities for studies to/from partner countries

HE-SMP-T Student mobility for traineeships to/from partner countries



Type of fieldCheck box
Consequence if selected

If you tick the Disadvantaged background check box, scroll down to the Budget > Individual support section,where additional check boxes and the rate forDisadvantaged participants monthly top-up are displayed:

  1. Disadvantaged participants monthly top-up grant applies to this participant?: The box is greyed out but if checked, it indicates that your National Agency provides a disadvantage grant top-up.
  2. Top Up Opt-In: By default, if the National Agency provides a grant for disadvantaged background, the box Top Up Opt-in is checked.
  3. The field Disadvantaged participants monthly top-up is pre-filled with the monthly top-up amount defined by the National Agency and cannot be modified. If the National Agency did not opt in for this type of funding, the value displayed is 0.00 €.

The Top Up Opt-In box can be unchecked to indicate that the disadvantaged background monthly top-up for a participant is not applicable. In such case, the Reason for Zero Top Up comment field becomes available and a justification has to be entered. The Disadvantaged participants monthly top-up will be set to 0.00 €.


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Instructions to use

Tick the check box to indicate that the participant comes from a disadvantaged background.

Additional Rules
  • The EU Individual Support field is pre-filled and displays the calculated individual grant according to the Activity Type, National Agency, Funded Duration (days), the mobility direction (incoming or outgoing) and, if available, the Disadvantaged participants monthly top-up.
  • If the mobility is marked as Disadvantaged background and Zero Grant, no top-up will be provided. The field EU Individual Support will be set to 0.00 €.
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