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CP Script
CP Script

In the case where the report gets rejected by the NA and is requested to be updated, you will see the Interim Draft report is returned to the draft status, in the Interim Report field of the Reports tab in Mobility Tool+.

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Numbered Headings

Click "Edit Draft" of the report


Explanation and illustration

If the report is rejected, the beneficiary will receive an e-mail notification and will be required to contact the NA for more details on the reasons behind the rejection of the report.

Once clarified, click the Edit Draft button to start updating the report.

Click Edit Draft

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Update the report


Explanation and illustration

Now the report becomes editable. Note that the Start Submission Process is already active when you start editing, which is not the case when you first complete the report.

Once the report is updated, click on the Start Submission Process in order to proceed.

Update the report

Once you start the submission process, a pop up screen will appear, allowing you to:

  1. Download the PDF of the Declaration of Honour to be attached or changed.
  2. Remove the uploaded files by clicking the X icon. 
    Clicking Unmark or mark indicates that the file is either unlinked or linked to the report. 
  3. To add more files to the report, click the Select File button.

In order to proceed click the Next Step button.

To proceed click Next Step

The next steps to finalise the submission are the same as described in How to submit an interim report, asking you to:

  • Accept the Data Protection Notice and to
  • Complete the Checklist.

Once the checklist is completed, you will be able to Submit Beneficiary Report and you will see the status screen.

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