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Interim, Periodic or Progress Reports
Interim, Periodic or Progress Reports

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Submit Interim Report 

Report Request

The National Agency will request the Interim Report and the primary contact of the beneficiary will receive a notification email with the report submission deadline. As of this moment it is possible for the beneficiary to submit the Interim Report.

Filling in the report

The report is filled in using a dedicated functionality from the Interim reports tab of the project in Beneficiary module. 

Report submission

Once the report is filled in, it must be submitted along with all required documents, via the Interim reports tab of the project in Beneficiary module.

After submission, the report is locked and no more changes can be made. The report status in Beneficiary module is updated to Submitted, once the submission to the National Agencies project management system is finalised.

The National Agency checks the report

The National Agency will now check if all necessary information and required documents have been included in the submitted report. 

Report Reception Accepted

If the National Agency accepts the report, the assessment of the report will start.

Report Update requested due to additional/missing information required

If the National Agency deems the report to be incomplete or insufficient, a report update will be requested from the accredited beneficiary. A notification email is sent, informing the beneficiary contact about the required revision. 

In such cases, the Interim Report can be updated and resubmitted from the Reports and Updates section in the project. All previously submitted documents and any new documents must be re-attached to the report before it can be submitted.

Report cancelled due to submission by mistake

If the report was submitted by mistake, the National Agency has the option to cancel the report reception in their project management system. 

In such cases, the status of the report changes to Cancelled.

Project updated

After the NA checked the report, the National Agency will finalise the Interim Report workflow in their project management system. The report status in Beneficiary module is updated, now displaying Accepted.

Depending on the updates requested with the submitted interim report, such as additional funding for your project following a possible redistribution of funds or a return of funds, the awarded project budget may require an amendment. Once this amendment is completed by the NA in their project management system, the updated awarded budget information will be available in the project.  

Interim Report cancelled by the National Agency before submission

It may happen that the National Agency cancels the Interim Report request before it was submitted. In such scenario, it is no longer possible to submit the report. The report status, displayed in the submission timeline for 30 days, is updated to Cancelled

Interim Report Templates

CallKAReport typeTemplate
2022KA171-HED - Mobility of higher education students and staff supported by external policy fundsInterim report
2023KA171-HED - Mobility of higher education students and staff supported by external policy fundsPeriodic report
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