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Agenda item 


Welcome and approval of the agenda 

  • The agenda was approved without modifications.

Minutes of the previous meeting (for discussion and agreement)

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were approved without additional change proposals. Some open actions for MIG-T members are still open and relevant.

MIWP 2021-2024 Actions

  • 1.1 Towards a digital ecosystem for the environment and sustainability
  • 2.1 Need driven data prioritisation 
  • 2.2 Roadmap for priority-driven implementation 
    • Debriefing from the MIG meeting
  • 2.3 Simplification of INSPIRE Implementation
    • 2.3.2 Simplification of data-service linking 

  • The JRC, ENV and EEA presented the current status of actions and future planned work.

  •  Within the context of Action 2.2, ENV to share the summary of the mini-workshops, held during the 13th MIG meeting with the MIG-T members.
Coffee Break

MIWP 2021-2024 Actions (continued)

  • 2.3 Simplification of INSPIRE Implementation
    • 2.3.1 Governance of INSPIRE Artefacts 

Discussion and voting on change proposals of INSPIRE artefacts

  • Overview of change proposals for INSPIRE Schemas and Technical Guidelines (Helpdesk facilitators)
  • Discussion and approval with
    • Change proposals on TGs
    • Change proposals on Schemas
  • Updates to the GitHub repositories for schemas and TGs are presented and the governance process is summarised.
  • The change proposals for schemas and for TGs subject to scrutiny by the MIG-T (selected by the sub-group of Action 2.3.1 during the meeting on 1/7/2021) were presented by the helpdesk facilitators.
  • After the discussion, MIG-T members (one per country) voted on the proposals using All proposals were accepted with no objections (see the results of the slido poll).
  • Change proposals will now be assessed by the MIG, which is the next actor in accordance with the new governance process. The two-week scrutiny period for the MIG started on July 12 and will run until July 26, 2021.
  •  MS are encouraged to nominate additional members for Action 2.3.1 on the 'Governance of INSPIRE artefacts'.

GeoPackage as INSPIRE data encoding (EEA, DK)

  • The status of GeoPackage as an INSPIRE data encoding was presented by the EEA (with additional input from DK and NL).
Updates from ISO/TC 211
  • Updates from ISO/TC211 were presented by DK. The activities of the TC are, similar to INSPIRE, being migrated to GitHub. MIG-T members are encouraged to start following the TC211 space.