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In this section, you will need to select at least one partnership region with which you intend to work. 

For each selected region you will be asked to provide the organisation details for one or more higher education institutions with which you would like to cooperate.


Questions or fields may vary depending on the action you apply for. Please read the onscreen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.

This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call year 2024
    • KA171-HED - Mobility of higher education students and staff supported by external policy funds

Before you start

  • The Context section must have been completed
  • The applicant organisation or consortium must have been added in the Applicant Organisation(s) section. 
  • The organisations in the partner countries must have valid registered Organisation IDs; ECHE accreditation is not required. 



1. Open "Regional Partnerships" 

Click on Regional Partnerships in the content menu. The Regional Partnerships screen opens. Here you will add the regions and partner organisations related to the planned activities, and you will be able to view the Total grant (EUR) requested per each region, after you fill in the Activities section of your form.

Regional Partnership


2. Add Partnership Regions

For the first region you wish to add, scroll down to the available empty card and select the applicable region from the Region drop-down list. 

For subsequent regions, click the Add region button at the bottom of the table. A new empty card is created for each additional region. Then select the desired region from the Region drop-down list.

The Content menu is updated and displays a new subsection the selected region: Details for cooperation with (name of the region). The subsection is preceded by a red dot as long as there is missing mandatory information.

Information about number of organisations, selected countries and total grant (EUR) for the region will be available here when details are added.

Add Partner Region


3. Add partner organisations to each region

For each region click on Details for cooperation for the selected region in the Content menu.

In the available row, add the valid Organisation ID of a partner organisation in the selected region and provide a valid contact email of the partner organisation.

To add additional organisations in the selected region click Add organisations.

When at least one organisation has been added to the region with a valid email, the region will be marked as complete.

A list of valid countries in each region can be found here: Eligible countries.

Provide partner organisation


4. Regional Partnership overview

Click on Regional Partnership in the Content Menu at any time to get an overview of the applicable regions.

A region card is shown for each region. If a valid organisation and email has been added, the card will now be preceded by a green line, whereas incomplete regions are marked with a red line. This is also visible in the Content menu.

After you have added the organisations to each region as described above, you will also see a List of selected countries and the Number of organisations in each card.

You may later return to this section after you have added the planned activities for each region to verify the calculated Total grant per region.

Regional Partnership overview

4.1. Actions in the region card

The following actions are available in the region card:

  1. View / edit the Regional partnership for the selected region - alternatively use the down arrow to expand the region card.
  2. View / edit the Details for regional partnership - this action takes you to the Details for cooperation for the selected region, where you can add, delete, or edit organisations.
  3. Delete a region - clicking on the red X will open a confirmation window; click on Yes if you wish to delete the Regional Partnership and all related information, including any previously added organisations.\

The last region cannot be deleted, as a minimum of one partner region with one valid organisation is required.

Actions in Region table

5. Example of a completed "Regional Partnership" section

Once you have correctly completed all sections and subsections, the section is marked with a green check.

Regional partnership completed

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