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ESC30 - Solidarity Projects

The following sections are available in projects carried out under ESC30 - Solidarity Projects, call year 2021 onward:

  • Details - Shows the basic project information, such as Applicant Organisation ID, National Agency, project title, etc. 
  • Participating organisations - Allows you to manage the participating organisations in your project.
  • Associated persons - Allows you to manage the project contacts and their access rights.
  • Participants - Allows you to manage the project participants in your project. 
  • Exceptional costs - Allows you to manage the exceptional costs in your project.
  • Fewer Opportunities - Allows you to add and edit information regarding the fewer opportunities encountered by certain participants in your project.
  • Budget - Provides an overview of the awarded and reported budget and where applicable, allows you to provide additional details in relation to certain grants requested for the project.
  • Reports - Allows you to submit the Final Beneficiary Report for your project. The availability of this project section depends on the call year of your project. 

See below for details on how to manage these project sections. For a quick overview of the basic functionalities of the Beneficiary module, please view the eLearning videos.

ESC30, call 2024 project, 'Details' selected in the 'Content menu'

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