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03/03/2023, starting at 10:00, expected end time 12:20

Background document

Webinar minutes and recording

Final draft minutes

Webinar recording

Draft Agenda


Agenda item

3 March 2023 10:00 – 12:20   

Workshop objective:

In the workshop we will focus on an initial impact/risk assessment of the HVD for INSPIRE implementation, building of a common understanding HVD/INSPIRE in the MIG, defining a roadmap to address possible issues and discuss the governance (new subgroup/existing) of the alignment exercise. All this with the objective to maximize the reuse of the INSPIRE implementation for meeting HVD requirements.


Towards a common understanding of the interplay between High Value Datasets and INSPIRE (ENV presentation)   




Welcome and presentation by the Commission on the context of the workshop, the outcome of the survey and the assessed impact.

(ENV: 5' - JRC: 10' - EEA:5')

Country perspective/ interventions - Part 1

Pitches by 

-         NL (10’) (fact sheets: Historic data, API & HVD, Reuse)

-         ES (5’)

-         SK (5’)

-         CZ (5’)

-         AT (5’)

Questions & Discussion (All)

11h05 - 11h15

Short break



Country perspective/ interventions - Part 2

Pitches by 

-         DK (5’)

-         PT (5’)

-         ISO/TC 211 activities on EU Data Spaces / High-value datasets (Jari) (5’)

-         EC/ESTAT (5’)

Questions & Discussion (All)

11h45 - 12h15



Reflections on a common implementation strategy

First suggestions for an initial implementation roadmap/mandate based on the outcome of the survey and the country perspectives

Plenary discussion

12h15 - 12h20

First conclusions and next steps


End of meeting

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