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Thursday, 28th of June 2018, 10:00-11:30 CEST

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TimeAgenda itemDocument(s)
10:00-10:05Welcome and approval of the agenda
10:05-10:10Minutes of the previous meetings (for discussion and agreement)49th MIG-T meeting 2018-05-24
10:10-10:30MIWP actions status reports
10:30-11:00De-briefing 8th MIG and 14th INSPIRE Committee meetings8th MIG meeting page

AOB / Information points

Draft Minutes


The minutes summarise the main conclusions and actions from the meeting. Actions are indicated in the minutes using checkboxes and are tracked in the "Open actions" section below.

Attendance list

The meeting was attended by experts from FR, MT, DE, DK, EE, IT, SR, NL, PL, CZ, BE, DG ENV, EEA and JRC.

Welcome and approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved as proposed.

Minutes of the previous meetings

The minutes of the 49th MIG-T meeting were endorsed without changes.

MIWP actions status reports

For a detailed description of the action progress, see [DOC9]_Status report MIWP actions.pdf and [DOC5]_2016.5 Progress.pdf presented at the 8th MIG meeting.

2016.4: Theme-specific issues

  • Work in progress on restructuring and re-classification of TC platform.
  • JRC is discussing with DG ENV regarding renewal of contracts for facilitators for next 2 years.

2016.5: List of priority data sets

  • Making available priority data sets is progressing in many MS, but some still have neither started nor provided any feedback about this activity.

2017.1: Master guidance

  • Work is ongoing. Draft document to be ready in September and final to be presented to MIG in December.

2017.2: Alternative encodings

  • 10 experts have been nominated for the sub-group. The call for nominations and applications remains open. The kick-off meeting will take place on 4 July 2018.

2017.3: Improved client support for INSPIRE data

  • All to promote the survey. JRC is working on terms of reference for contractor who will look after on results.

2017.4: Validation and conformity testing

  • The main focus of discussions in the sub-group is on the data-service linkage and possible clarifications in the TG on download services.
  • The work of the contractor to implement the ETS for MD TG v2.0 is progressing well and will be opened for testing shortly. The work on ETS for view services is delayed, since the ATS need substantive revision. 
  • The governance structure for the ETF software has been set up. See

2018.1: Monitoring and reporting 2019

  • The new action fiche has been endorsed during MIG meeting. It is expected that the (ex-2016.2) subgroup will be reactivated in September.

Registers and registries

  • Terms of reference for the control body and submitting organisations of the INSPIRE register extended for 3 years.
  • The planned workshop on the Re3gistry v2.0 and the sustainability of the software has been postponed to 5-6 September.

SDW discussions & follow-up actions

  • The proposed ad-hoc actions have been endorsed by the MIG.
  • A discussion paper on action 2 has been presented to the MIG meeting ([DOC14]_Discussion paper IR-MD_change proposal_v1.1.pdf), but was not further discussed
  • The following action leads (who will be responsible for ensuring progress and reporting back to the MIG-T regularly) have been agreed:
    • Actions 1+2 (data-service linkage): JRC+ENV
    • Action 3 (WFS 3.0): FI
    • Action 4 (making spatial data discoverable through mainstream search engines): PL
    • Action 5 (linking spatial data and persistent ids): IT

De-briefing 8th MIG and 14th INSPIRE Committee meetings

  • The MIG and INSPIRE Committee largely agreed with the proposal for the revision of the IRs for monitoring and reporting. Due to considerable discussions with the legal service, DG ENV could share the draft Decision only 2 days before the meeting, so the document was not tabled for an opinion of the Committee as originally planned. The discussion on the proposal focussed on the two additional keywords required in INSPIRE metadata for identifying priority data sets (this is widely accepted) and local/regional/national data sets (this also seems acceptable if defined as "data sets of European interest" and reducing the obligation to tag all data sets). MS now can provide written comments by 15 September 2018. The Committee's opinion will then be sought by written procedure in October, with a planned date for adoption in spring 2019.
    The proposed action mandate 2018.1 to support the technical implementation of the new monitoring and reporting approach was endorsed by the MIG. Due to the delayed procedure for the revision of the IRs, 2019 will probably be considered as a transition year.
  • The MIG supported the proposed resolutions of the change proposals submitted by MS, other DGs and the EEA over the past year for the revision of the IRs for data interoperability. In particular, the MIG supported the proposals to remove all code list and enumeration values from the legal act (and replace them with a reference to the INSPIRE registry) and to clarify, but not completely remove, the notion of voidability.
    Based on the discussion, DG ENV and JRC will now prepare a concrete proposal for the amendment of the legal act, a first draft of which will be presented and discussed in the MIG and Committee in November 2018. The Committee could then issue its opinion in the first half of 2019.
  • Making available priority data sets (through the agreed metadata tagging approach based on the code list in the INSPIRE registry) under MIWP 2016.5 is progressing in many MS, but some still have neither started nor provided any feedback about this activity. DG ENV and several MS congratulated the JRC team for the development of the beta version of the Geoportal Thematic Viewer application, but stressed the importance that the statistics are correct. DG ENV is planning to contact MS that have not shown any activity bilaterally, in order to start enforcing the provision of INSPIRE data "as is".
    ESTAT presented a consensus paper prepared by ESTAT, JRC, ENV, CNECT, REGIO, GROW, AGRI and MOVE under IMSB action 5.4 on Priority Geospatial Datasets for the European Commission, which includes a proposal and roadmap for extending the list of priority data sets to other policy domains. This was complemented by presentations of the contributing DGs and a proposal by DG ENV for a formal procedure to request access to data by the Commission under Regulation 268/2010 on data and service sharing. A first test case will be a request for national elevation data to support the creation of a pan-European DEM for Copernicus.
  • The MIG endorsed GeoDCAT-AP as the first INSPIRE Good practice document, the extension of the mandate of the Control Body and Submitting Organisations for the INSPIRE registers for 3 years and the proposed follow-up actions on "Spatial Data on the Web" under the umbrella of the MIG-T. It also welcomed the provision of regular news from standardisation bodies (ISO/TC 211, OGC and W3C) as a standard meeting document.
  • The preliminary results of "Study on INSPIRE data sharing, access and use (Art. 17)" show huge discrepancies in the way MS are licensing and/or allowing access to their data.
  • The main discussion points of the INSPIRE Committee meeting were the rules of procedure, which were adopted, and the revisions of the IRs for monitoring and reporting and data interoperability.


  • The new MIG collaboration platform has been launched. Relevant content will be now successively be moved from the old to the new platform. The old one will remain available as a read-only archive.
  • EG INSPIRE KEN webinar on validation was held on 26/06. Participants asked for more clarification on the relationship between the checks done in the INSPIRE geoportal and the reference validator. JRC will make more clear, what the differences are and what tool to use.
  • EG/EuroSDR workshop on "Use of INSPIRE Data: past experiences and scenarios for the future", 27 - 28 November 2018 (Warsaw, Poland). The call for presentations is open until 25 August.
  • JRC is planning a Webinar to discuss usage of INSPIRE Knowledge Base, INSPIRE in practice and other platforms for national and regional purposes.
  • Next MIG-T meeting planned for 30 August.

Open Actions

Task report

Looking good, no incomplete tasks.