Thursday, 28th of June 2018, 10:00-11:30 CEST

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TimeAgenda itemDocument(s)
10:00-10:05Welcome and approval of the agenda
10:05-10:10Minutes of the previous meetings (for discussion and agreement)49th MIG-T meeting 2018-05-24
10:10-10:30MIWP actions status reports
10:30-11:00De-briefing 8th MIG and 14th INSPIRE Committee meetings8th MIG meeting page

AOB / Information points

Draft Minutes


The minutes summarise the main conclusions and actions from the meeting. Actions are indicated in the minutes using checkboxes and are tracked in the "Open actions" section below.

Attendance list

The meeting was attended by experts from FR, MT, DE, DK, EE, IT, SR, NL, PL, CZ, BE, DG ENV, EEA and JRC.

Welcome and approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved as proposed.

Minutes of the previous meetings

The minutes of the 49th MIG-T meeting were endorsed without changes.

MIWP actions status reports

For a detailed description of the action progress, see [DOC9]_Status report MIWP actions.pdf and [DOC5]_2016.5 Progress.pdf presented at the 8th MIG meeting.

2016.4: Theme-specific issues

2016.5: List of priority data sets

2017.1: Master guidance

2017.2: Alternative encodings

2017.3: Improved client support for INSPIRE data

2017.4: Validation and conformity testing

2018.1: Monitoring and reporting 2019

Registers and registries

SDW discussions & follow-up actions

De-briefing 8th MIG and 14th INSPIRE Committee meetings


Open Actions